During a WWW...

During a WWW...

This is a discussion on During a WWW... within the Open Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; ...I was with the Wife trying to find some cargo shorts for her that: A. Have pockets that are worth a darn... B. Aren't in ...

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Thread: During a WWW...

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    During a WWW...

    ...I was with the Wife trying to find some cargo shorts for her that:

    A. Have pockets that are worth a darn...
    B. Aren't in the Men's section (something about a bulge of cloth in front...?)

    I was laboring to push the cart that pulls hard to the right and has a sticky wheel, when I noticed a little boy cavorting in the aisles. His mother and siblings were by their cart, but naturally, this oldest was bored and dancing around.

    Since I was OC'ing, I saw it coming...

    I passed him, and the gun was right at eye-level for the little guy (about 9-10 yo). He just froze with his mouth hanging open and staring at the gun. I didn't really look at him, but as I've indicated before, my peripheral vision is fairly good. I was laughing hysterically on the inside. (Marines are good at this...)

    Well, I kept going and my Wife eventually had had enough of modern women's fashions. She stalked off to the Men's in a huff, tracing a path that would lead me past the kid again.

    This time he was prepared.

    "Why do you have a gun?"

    "To protect myself and my family," I said with a smile. I kept going as the Domestic General had already cleared the Women's department and was rapidly motoring towards the Dickie's section (my favorite).

    From behind me, I hear, "Mind your own business! What's wrong with you? You know better than to talk to strangers! Mind your own..."

    You get the picture. The poor kid is probably still hearing it.

    Funny thing. We tell our kids to mind their own business, then act surprised when they don't notice anything that happens around them.

    That which does not kill us leaves us broken and bleeding...

    Don’t mess with the guy who can barely stand up. His remaining options for self-defense don't include your survival.

    Convenire Volui Spectatus

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    i really dont mind it when youngins come up to me and ask them questions i was out fishing a few weeks ago and had a kid come up and start asking all sorts of questions about fishing and his mom came up and asked if he was bothering me and i said no its fine and she went back with the rest her family and i was having a pretty good day catchin alot so the next fish i hooked i let him reel it in and make the catch turn out it was is first fish he was totally excited

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