What are your thoughts on this?

What are your thoughts on this?

This is a discussion on What are your thoughts on this? within the Open Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm wondering what you all think about a woman carrying for personal protection...open or concealed? Which is best? I can think of pros and cons ...

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Thread: What are your thoughts on this?

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    What are your thoughts on this?

    I'm wondering what you all think about a woman carrying for personal protection...open or concealed? Which is best? I can think of pros and cons to both. I do both, depending on the situation/location. What are your thoughts - both pro and con?
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    I think that it is equally, or possibly more, important for a women to carry and train to protect themself.
    Personally, I believe that the tactical advantage of concealed carry outweighs the advantage in draw speed of open carry.
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    Pros and Cons are the same for either male or female, no difference.

    Concealed Pro: Element of surprise/tactical advantage, no hassle from Law Enforcement who are uneducated, no calls to 911 for a MWAG/WWAG, no scaring the sheep.

    Concealed Con: Harder to conceal than to carry open.

    Open Carry Pro: Personally, other than sometimes more comfortable, I see no advantage to open carrying.

    Open Carry Con: Scared sheep call 911 and LEO who is uneducated shows up and hassles you. BG could try and take your weapon away from you, draw attention, get a lot of questions from sheep. No tactical advantage. Possibly could end up the first one to be targeted during a robbery where there are others present.

    I may have missed a few reasons on each. Everyone has their own opinions on this matter as you will see.
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    You have unknowingly opened a HUGE can of worms. I think someone is going to tell you that OC vs. CC threads aren't allowed due to forum rules, I'm not going to quote the rule, I'm not a mod. and i'm just forewarning you. I think in order to get the best answer to your question you are going to need to research here and on other specific forums and weigh the advantages of both (which there are). Do a search and read what has been written before because unfortunately you will find very strong opinions and heated emotions on the subject which is why it is quasi-taboo here. In this subject as well as every other subject on earth, some folks are so set in thier convictions that they don't let facts interfere with thier opinions. As I said, there are pros and cons to both, I carry in both manners depending on when and where I find myself. As far as a woman carrying, search for anything Limatunes has written. She is a great resource for women who carry, anyone really as men could benifit from what she has to say as well. Good luck to you and I hope you take this in the well intentioned manner that I intend it. Karl

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    Women carrying? By all means, if anyone, man or woman has the ability to carry a firearm safely, please do.

    Open or concealed? I think that depends, as you stated, where, when and who really should makes up that decision.

    To the OP, are you asking these questions for yourself, or are you gathering information for your "Ladies Only" CCW classes?
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    The biggest question is:What do you feel most comfortable doing? Openly letting a would be attacker know you wont go down easy? Or not starting a ruckus amidst all the baby boomers whos words upon seeing your gun will be along these lines: "Oh my God,look at her,shes got a gun! Oh my Gosh.Quick,grab your kids lets get out of here."

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    The downside of CC for women is it usually means thier firearm is buried in the bottom of the purse under the cell, the hair brush, the keys, etc. Other than that, I think whether they choose to CC or OC depends on the clothing they choose to wear.
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    I prefer concealed carry on the person for the reasons already stated. My wife has her CCW and does not like to carry on her person and prefers her Coronado Leather Purse with built in seperate compartment and holster for her (use to be mine) S&W 638. We have discussed the negative aspects of the purse carry but it is her decision.
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    Okay, I'll jump in with both feet. First, I live in Michigan where our LEO's have a pretty good education about open carry. Still along way to go but further than alot of other states. I open carry alot around town because it's just plain comfortable. I also don't subscribe to the notion that I lose any "tactical advantage" by losing the element of surprise. The BG isn't surprised if he came in with a gun first. There are recorded instances where BG's avoided a place because someone open carried and the BG went down the street to an easier target. AFIK there are only a couple of instances where an open carrier had to shoot his weapon in defense against a BG that knew he was armed. There are many, many instances where a CCer used his weapon in defense. Isn't not having to draw your weapon the end goal in the first place?
    Then there's the "you'll get your gun taken from you" mantra. Sure, it's happened a couple of times during robberies. In my opinion, poor SA on the part of the victim. I sat on a jury of a BG who robbed a CCer and took his gun. Heard of more. It happens to every demo. Poor SA is to blame, not carry method.
    Here in Michigan you stand less of a chance of being harrassed by the police than alot of other states but it could happen. I don't abstain from lawfull practices because it might not be liked by the gandarmes. Most don't care anyway as they know BG's don't OC. I believe KY is a gun friendly state.
    The general public doesn't notice for the most part. If someone asks me about it reasonably, I give them a reasonable answer with the hope of a little education going thier way. If they approach me wrong I don't engage them in conversation because they just want to make a scene and bait me anyway. I won't play that game.
    I do CC also. Certain clothes look better without a gun showing (like a suit). I don't like to OC in church, but that's just me. There are many other places that I CC because I'm just more comfortable doing so.
    Both have thier place and reasons for doing so. The main thing is to always be armed when possible regardless of the mode of carry. As far as you being a woman is concerned, I don't know that there is a difference. I know that it poses certain challenges to carry a gun because of your body structure, for example certain holsters may cause the gun butt to stick you in the side because of the shape of a womans hips compared to those of a man's. As I said above Limatunes is a great resource for well thought out information on women carrying.

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    Should women carry? Absolutely!

    In conformance to forum rules, no comment on OC v. CC -- except to say that I do both, sometimes at the same time.

    Technical/legal observation: In Virginia you are CCing, if OC and have a CCed BUG. So, legally I can't do both at the same time. But you get the point.
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    Doesn't matter how she carrys, as long as she carrys. Exact method of carry is a personal choice.
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    OC vs. CC discussions are forbidden . Thread closed .
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