Negative OC reaction

Negative OC reaction

This is a discussion on Negative OC reaction within the Open Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was on my way back from the shooting range and had my Kimber SS Ultra Raptor II in an OWB Galco holster with my ...

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Thread: Negative OC reaction

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    Negative OC reaction

    I was on my way back from the shooting range and had my Kimber SS Ultra Raptor II in an OWB Galco holster with my shirt tucked in so my pistol was exposed. On my way home I stopped by to pick up laundry that I had dropped off to be done the day before. I walked into the laundry and on to the counter. The young girl working the counter looked at me then her eyes went to the pistol on my hip. She asked me if I was a police officer and I told her no. I told her that Louisiana was an open carry state and that I have a permit to carry a handgun. She then, in a very loud voice, said "he's got a gun". That got everyone who was in the laundrys attention. She then went on and on about my wearing a handgun and the longer she talked the louder she became. Other customers were starting to come closer to see what the problem was. I got my laundry and as I was trying to leave this young counter girl yelled at me from across the store that she was going to call President Obama. I turned and replied "good luck with that", and then left. The next day I called the owner of the laundry and told him what his employee had done and said. He told me that she had already called him and gave her side of the incident, minus the Obama threat. The laundry owner is a staunch 2nd A. supporter/gun owner and told me that I had done nothing wrong and that he was going to councel this employee on how to treat customers as well as explain Louisiana gun laws. He also told her that he approved of open carry and if she wanted to keep working at his store she would never again verbally abuse a customer or ever ask another customer if they had a gun, either CC or OC. This young lady still has her job and gives me the "evil eye" every time I come into the laundry, but she has not mentioned the previous incident or anything relating to my carrying a handgun, either CC or OC, and treats me with the respect due a paying customer
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    Well, she is not so stupid as to speak up again so as to lose her job, but she doesn't know much about the real world.
    If she ever has the opportunity to run into armed robbers or rapists, she may very well wish you were around.
    Experience is one of life's great teachers.

    A round of applause to the owner of the place...he understands the importance of being armed.
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    Me thinks me doth spell something odorous.

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    Was that rosie o’donnel working at that laundry?
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    She thinks she can just pick up a phone and call the POTUS,they walk among us...and they vote
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    Wouldn't it be "fun" to send them a new customer OCing, about once or twice a month?
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    That girl needed some slappin'.

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    She sounds like a doofus. Glad it went without any real incident and the owner handled it well.

    Unfortunately, we'll all likely encounter someone like this at some point. Mine was at a local Arby's at lunch one day a few months back. The guy working the counter looked just like the late Chris Farley from SNL and as soon as I walked up to the counter to order he stuck both arms straight up in the air. I ignored him and said, "Can I get a roast beef, etc." and he said, "with that thing you can get anything you want." He just stood there with his arms up. I finally said, "Dude, can I just get my lunch so I can go back to work?" and he put his arms down and went on with his business. Total doofus.
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    Prior to about the turn of the 20th Century in the United States the sight of a citizen carrying weapons was not at all unusual. Many early public buildings like courthouses, town halls, and even churches provided racks for folks to place their muskets, swords, etc in while transacting their business. During those years the concern usually revolved around those who carried concealed weapons, deemed to be evidence of evil intentions.

    These days it has become very uncommon to see typical citizens carrying weapons. Those of us who regularly carry weapons have found that, as a matter of courtesy, it can be best to keep them concealed from view, thus avoiding unnecessary alarm or panic.

    During my 24 years in law enforcement I recall many "man with a gun" calls, most of which involved nothing more than peaceful citizens engaged in perfectly lawful activities. I doubt that we will ever again see the days when someone won't take notice of an armed citizen and call 911, so I suggest that concealed carry is the prefered method, particularly in urban settings.

    My leather shop is in a building with dozens of other businesses, and just about everyone there knows who I am and what I make. Even at that, if I walk into or out of the building with a holstered weapon it will always draw attention, and that attention is not always a comfortable reaction. So I keep my hardware under cover, assuring a higher comfort level among my neighbors.

    Best regards.
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    Sounds like you handled it well . . . except for not leaving her a quarter to make that phone call! People like that will never realize the gun in a holster isn't a threat; the gun in the face is!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dukalmighty View Post
    She thinks she can just pick up a phone and call the POTUS,they walk among us...and they vote
    I agree, what a shame it is.

    Quote Originally Posted by ppkheat View Post
    Wouldn't it be "fun" to send them a new customer OCing, about once or twice a month?
    This is a really good idea.

    Quote Originally Posted by OldVet View Post
    Sounds like you handled it well . . . except for not leaving her a quarter to make that phone call! People like that will never realize the gun in a holster isn't a threat; the gun in the face is!
    Well with the price of a phone call these days, it might have been better to leave her .50 cents. ....How true it is.
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    Well put loboleather. I prefer keeping low key myself. Just because something is legal, doesn't mean it will be interpreted that way.

    And ppkheat, we should send the shop new customers if only to support the pro 2A owner

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    I would have offered to look up the phone number for her.

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    I never understood such people. If it's so wrong and scary, why are they not afraid to yell at you and "call you out?" If you're such a threat, wouldn't you just turn into a maniac and shoot them and everyone else? It's such a failure of logic. I don't get what they try to accomplish with such childish behavior.

    Sounds like you handled it well.

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    Let's face it or not there are plenty of people that don't like guns. There always will be and your NOT going to change their minds. If these confrontations are bothersome (as this one was) YOU have the option to avoid them. As mentioned earlier in this thread, I too am concerned that if these 'anti's' get any traction and demand that something be done about OC we could end up with more new government rules and regulations that we didn't bargain for.

    There are areas in America where OC is a normal event and is viewed as a normal way of life. However, in other areas of the country OC will NOT be accepted by everyone and will be viewed as a BIG negative. In many areas there is a good chance that a person OC'ing will be in the minority of acceptance. These people in these areas will try to take your gun rights away. Personally I don't like the confrontational events and negative energy and am willing to adapt to the area of society that I'm in. Either way ( OC or CC ) I will be protected and fully armed at all times and it's not that hard to do.
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