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I more or less just wanted opinions on where this guy could be wrong on the OC point. It's legal, it deters crime, as long as your not getting power hungry or acting like a jerk there is nothing I can see that is a problem. I just dont see the point in HAVING to hide your defensive weapon because some certain people might be "offended".
I agree. Personally, I CC. That said, I think that OC has significant deterrent value as stated in the article (the lion and hyena example notwithstanding). I CC because I personally don't want to deal with the hassles involved with OC. In the area where I live OC just isn't the norm. It's unusual enough that people feel compelled to comment/whine/rant, etc. (I OC'd when I first got my permit, then switched to CC.) I'm not too concerned with offending anyone, I just don't need the gratuitous hassle.