OC, CC, or combination?

This is a discussion on OC, CC, or combination? within the Open Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; After seeing several discussions on the topic, I would like to get a consensus of those that carry and how they carry, and lastly the ...

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Thread: OC, CC, or combination?

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    OC, CC, or combination?

    After seeing several discussions on the topic, I would like to get a consensus of those that carry and how they carry, and lastly the implications.

    Recently a poster reported that some OC "activists" carried thier pistol into several establishments in 2 communities, with the outcome, again according to the poster, with one of the communities having an emergency vote which turned into a full ban. The other community council is now voting on the measure, which could also pass.

    I truly respect and appreciate the passion for the "OC everywhere" group. I appreciate the dedication. I do hope the OC activities DO NOT limit my ability to CC in my home state of Texas. With a CC, I do believe I am excecising my right to bear arms.

    I do believe some type of agreement can be had, maybe OC in rural areas, and CCW in the city.

    For me personally, I have seen a bit of hysteria from folks that have found out that I CC. I have seen a recent poll that had a percentage that voted that " No one seems to notice or mind that I'm openly carrying a handgun"

    I believe that some of the people that observe, the VOTING public, actually do care greatly about the topic

    I fully believe in most cities in the USA, that most people DO or would care if you are openly armed. Especially if your arent a LEO.

    So...... I have been lumped in with the anti's, by a few ....... but I am fully happy with the current State of Texas rules on carry....

    I worry with just a 5-4 pro gun majority (think end zone catch) in the supreme court, ANYTHING could happen. If one of the 5, were to need to be replaced, we could have issues overall. - Yes....it can happen.

    So here is my poll.
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    hmmm, last i checked the second amendment didn't tell me i had the right to bear concealed arms, so yeah i believe that carry in all shapes and forms should be allowed
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    I carry concealed, almost without exception, but I firmly believe that OC is a good and necessary piece that fits into the broader whole of self defense of the People. I think we need a mixture of people who conceal and people who open carry, and I would like to see that happen in all states. People who openly carry have the additional benefit (to Society, as a whole) of keeping 'the armed citizen' right there on the tip of Joe Thugknuckle's tongue as he looks for a victim. If guns are out there in plain view, word will get around, and I see that as a good thing.

    Concealed carry is the flip side of the coin, and just as necessary. If we have a certain part of the population who conceals their firearm, Mr. Thugknuckle faces a game of Russian Roulette -- some random person over there might be all too ready to put two in his chest and one in his 'greel' -- there's just no way of knowing if he's going to be eating lead as he contemplates his crimes. I think 10% of the population going armed (maybe 5% OC / 5% CC) would greatly reduce certain crimes.

    I see this double-edged sword combination of OC/CC as the ultimate in defense of the People, and I don't think either one is as effective without the other.

    ETA: The pole is lacking in choices -- Rural / Urban has got nothing to do with it. I want OC/CC anywhere and everywhere.
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    I'm in stanislaskasavas' camp on this one.

    OC in rural areas only is like saying only CERTAIN types of free speech is allowed in certain settings.

    Makes no difference.
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    I believe OC should be legal everywhere though I do think carriers should be mindful as to when OC may not be the most appropriate option.

    I believe OC and CC should be equally legal for all states and people should have the right to choose which they want to do based upon their own feelings and beliefs and situations. Carry is carry, in my opinion. Yeah, I think there are times when it's more appropriate to conceal and I think people shouldn't have to worry if they accidentally flash or feel it's appropriate and want to open carry.

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    Man I want OC here in Texas just because I believe it is my right. I'd still CC almost exclusively but it should be my decision when I wake in the morning. I would love to be able to OC at pro gun rights rallies and stuff though.
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    I believe in peoples right to OC, but it's not a mode of carry for me. To date, I haven't found the desire for OC, but I'm not ruling it out completely as I support peoples right for it. I just haven't seen a circumstance as of yet where it is preferred over CC.
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    I only prefer it when going to the range, or lounging around with friends, when I started carrying I open carried everywhere, now I am tired of being gawked at and only OC in a bad area where I feel I need the deturrant. IMPD is open carry friendly with a few exceptions but I have never been hassled for openly carrying
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    I CC most of the time; but like today I was working on my camper and needed some screws, so being dressed in cargo shorts and T-shirt and dripping with sweat, I just shoved a paddle holster in my belt and went to the hardware store. No one seemed to notice, I like the option of both.
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    I'm with Stan, with one exception. I actually carry both CC and OC. Depends on my mood, weather, who's with me, where I'm going, etc. But the decision to OC or CC should be mine to make, not the Gov's. That's the way I like it.

    FWIW, in NC the right of the people is to openly carry arms. Basically our version of the 2A on the state level is for OC. They still restrict it some. We let that slip in the past and are trying to get it back. CC is a legislated privilege. This is all per the state constitution and various NCSC case law.
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    Both. If I'm just toolin' around town going to the hardware store or back and forth to work, I'll strap on an OWB most of the time and not sweat it. If I'm going out of town though, I'll use an IWB and pay a little more attention. There's also certain situations at work that require me to CC, so that I don't offend any sheeple that happen to be passing through.

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    I believe you should be able to carry how you like, when you like, where ever you like.

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    No one picked the last one....I had to be "that guy"
    LOL!! Have a good night DC
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    I believe it's all good, whatever way you want to carry is fine with me. Concealing a !911 IWB, open carrying a SAA in a cowboy rig at the fair, hell it wouldn't bother me to see someone walking into the mall with a 12g skeet gun slung over their shoulder. I don't think there should be limitations on our constitutional freedoms, but I expect that LE will want to check you out if you are open carrying.

    I choose to CC, I am not making a pro gun statement by going armed, I am carrying a firearm to defend myself and those around me and if it is concealed it gives me an advantage in that a criminal won't know I am armed.

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    There wasn't the option of cc/oc anywhere and everywhere so i chose the 2nd option. I don't see the big deal between cc vs oc. Carry how you want armed is armed end of story
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