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Have you OC'ed?

This is a discussion on Have you OC'ed? within the Open Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I OC, but not very often. Usually only when afield or doing chores at deer camp. I don't like to OC around the sheep....

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  • I regularly OC!

    85 35.27%
  • I tried it just to see what it is like.

    51 21.16%
  • I want to but legally can't where I live.

    22 9.13%
  • Never have, never will.

    83 34.44%
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Thread: Have you OC'ed?

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    Jan 2008
    I OC, but not very often. Usually only when afield or doing chores at deer camp. I don't like to OC around the sheep.
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    St. Paul, Minnesota
    I regularly OC - in the sense that I don't cover or tuck my IWB two days a week. On Mondays & Tuesdays I park the car & walk across an intersection to get a newspaper. It wasn't worth the tucking/untucking routine when I get to work...can't carry at work & have to secure the rig in my vehicle.
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    Central Kentucky
    Only when in the field, or going to or from it.
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    Nov 2008
    I do OC but not regularly; I did not vote in the poll. I've had no problems while I OC yet. I mainly do it for because I found a great OWB holster that is very comfortable for me. I'm not concerned with making a statement or anything like that.
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    Jul 2011
    North Texas
    ...only in Iraq, Kuwait...etc..etc

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    Feb 2008
    Southwest, TN
    Yep...perfectly legal here in TN!
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    Nov 2009
    St Gabriel, La
    I OC everywhere legal and allowed.
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    I'm one of the "never have and never will" crowd; I just don't want or need the aggravation.

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    May 2010
    Only on an outdoor range. Otherwise, never.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WHEC724 View Post
    There is no denying the better comfort and ease of access.
    I hear this all the time and with all due respect (seriously, this isn't directed at you personally) it has to be the worst excuse/reason for OC I have ever heard. My OWB holster is just as easy to conceal as it is to not conceal and is worn in the same place regardless. Adding a lightweight button up shirt or even a T-shirt is easy enough and lifting it to access your weapon is no chore at all.

    Just last night I wore my OWB holster and my 1911 to the store with nothing more than a normal fitting T-shirt to cover it. Comfy and hidden. Nobody was the wiser because I have a quality holster and a good belt.

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    Aug 2011
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    I do what I refer to as super carry, armed from waking up to sleeping. I carry open or concealed. If I happen to put a lose fitting shirt on I usually conceal it, but I find myself tucking my shirt behind it to open carry due to comfort. I really could care less if I was OC or CC. I just "go with the flow"

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    Aug 2011
    I said never though one can never be sure what the future will bring. I am a firm believer in what they don't know will hurt them!!!
    An armed society is a polite society

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    Aug 2011
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    I live in Arizona where open and concealed carry is legal, no license required.
    Occasionally I see people downtown walking around with a gun on their hip, going in and out of stores.
    I think it looks a little strange,inappropriate,and even dangerous considering the looks of the people I've seen doing it.
    I carry concealed or not at all.
    NOBODY wants to see some strange guy walking around in a store or on the sidewalk openly carrying a sidearm around crowds of people, kids, etc.
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    Dec 2009
    Please keep this civil; this is about what you do personally, not abut judging the actions of others.

    It's interesting to see that with almost 100 votes so far that if it was purely yes/no then we'd be almost 50/50, seems the recent influx of discussion of OC is backed up by quite a few out there actually doing it.
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    I answered "never have, never will" and that is half true (I ahve never open carried). In todays society I wouldn't OC. Now if we lived in a perfect world where I didn't have to worry about burglary, theft, MWAG 911 calls, restrictions, dirty looks, anti-gun people, Mc Donalds lobby shootings/attacks, etc. I would like to open carry but until pigs fly outta my butt and they crap purple twinkies I'll stick with my "element of surprise" carry method.
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