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This is a discussion on Philly Mark Fiorina-NOT GUILTY within the Open Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by smolck Here we go again with the Rosa Parks comparison to OC'ing. Not even the same thing. Oc'ing is legal, for her, ...

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Thread: Philly Mark Fiorina-NOT GUILTY

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    Quote Originally Posted by smolck View Post
    Here we go again with the Rosa Parks comparison to OC'ing. Not even the same thing. Oc'ing is legal, for her, riding in the front of the bus wasn't. It is easy to do something like OC'ing if it is legal (even if the cops don't acknowledge it) and doing something that is ILLEGAL. She had courage to fight against bogus laws. The OC'er in this trial did something that was legal and tried to rub it in the face of the police. Big difference. It is easy to "fight the powers" when you aren't facing any real recourse. Rosa Parks faced jail time. Don't try and say your courage and hers are the same.
    I did not see anyone saying anything about who has more courage. I do see them saying that both parties were fighting for their rights. In that respect they are the same.
    She fought against a law that was morally wrong. One that I believe was un-Constitutional.

    Would you say that now that the Courts have correctly said that blacks have a right to sit whereever they want that they should not exercise that right if it might offend or make others feel uncomfortable? That if Law Enforcement regulary harassed blacks for exercising these rights that blacks should be happy that they have the right, but refrain from using it?
    This is afterall what you seems to be telling others who exercise their rights.
    The OC'er in this trial did something that was legal and tried to rub it in the face of the police.
    Please tell me how doing something that is completely legal is rubbing "it" in the face of police? Aren't the police just there to enforce existing laws? The police have the same options as every other citizen in this great country if they disagree with a law. Go to the balot box or pettition his current elected officials.
    For them to do it any other way is an abuse of power. It would be them who would be rubbing the fact that they are not confined by the law, in the face of the citizens of this country.


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    Please provide the cite in law that specifically barred blacks from riding up front.

    Perhaps Ms Parks wasn't breaking any law but rather challenging a Jim Crow practice.

    Even if there was a law, it was unconstitutional.l. That's why the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed. It codified in law what southerners would not accept

    Would it be OK if Philly cops started stopping cars to check driver's licenses? Both are perfectly legal, except OC makes people nervous. That does not give a cop PC to detain the individual, no matter what the ignorant prosecutor thinks

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Old Anglo View Post
    The Philly gestapo will Not allow you to open carry in the City. if you want to be a poster child for them I hope you have a very Large Bank account to pay the Legal Fees. He did get off BUT at what cost??. If you buck the gestapo there they`ll just get you on something else even if they have to make it up. Is it worth it to walk around OC and frighten the sheep?.
    You obviouxly have no idea what you're talking about, since I've open carried in Philly, in front of cops, without having a guns pointed at me.

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