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What do you think OC'ers?

This is a discussion on What do you think OC'ers? within the Open Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Personally to me it does not matter how you carry .... I have OC'd on occasion, and do it frequently at home. Especially if I ...

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Thread: What do you think OC'ers?

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    Personally to me it does not matter how you carry .... I have OC'd on occasion, and do it frequently at home. Especially if I am out riding a tractor, 4 wheeler, running a chainsaw... for me it is what fits best at the time and what kind of weapon I want with me. The times I have OC'd, say down to the store, was not a big deal and not even sure 80% even noticed....I carried it like it had been there forever, and did not act stupid....hand hovering over it, or try to hide it, there it is, period.
    I think a lot of it has to do with mind set, and conditioning, not only of the carrier, but the poeple exposed to it. I am not going to strap my AR across my shoulder and carry that around, and would be watchfull of anyone that did, as I would see that as a posed threat. If i see an OC'r , which is not a lot but some, I do not see them as so much an opposed threat, but as a person of interst, and do , personally, watch where they go, sit ect. I call that situational awareness, not paranoia, Why should I be paranoid, I have a gun too !!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by QKShooter View Post
    Another interesting FYI for our newer members is that DefensiveCarry.com (before that named CombatCarry.com) - Years Ago - was originally set up as an Internet site dedicated to legal Concealed Carry only.
    Sooooo....most of our long time original members are/were Concealed Carry people always participating in what was their Concealed Carry forum from the onset.
    Back then when members joined DefensiveCarry.com and wanted to discuss Open carry we would send them over to OpenCarry.org which was a comparatively dead site w/ regard to site traffic and activity.
    After much debate (on high) a decision was made (much later on) to allow (on a trial basis) an Open Carry discussion category or sub-forum on DefensiveCarry.
    Initially that did not work out very well and things constantly became very heated.
    That is partly why some of our member base is very strongly opinionated regarding the topic of Open Carry.
    I'm not saying that is good or bad but, only making a statement of fact as to why there are some very strong oppositional opinions to Open Carry to be found here.
    Because Cats were allowed to compete in what was originally and exclusively a Dog Show. <~~~~
    But, see how much we "all have grown" these days and notice how civil and respectful our Open Carry/Concealed Carry discussions are now-a-days.
    Thanks for the perspective. I now understand many of the anti-OC comments on a site named DefensiveCarry. Signing OFF and OUT.

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    Half of the people you will talk to do not understand why you need to do something that they themselves don't feel a need for.
    The other half want laws to that effect.


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    OC's doesn't bother me as it is common where I live. I see two general types of OCing.

    #1 Is a gun with a person attached, You can spot the gun, it is the first thing you notice, from over 100 feet away, they do everything they can to make you notice they are Oc'ing

    #2 Is a person with a gun attached. You don't notice the gun unless you look. ( my favorite)
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