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What is your favorite way to OC?

This is a discussion on What is your favorite way to OC? within the Open Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My favorite....Safariland 6280, double mag holder and a 2 1/4" Sam Brown!...

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Thread: What is your favorite way to OC?

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    My favorite....Safariland 6280, double mag holder and a 2 1/4" Sam Brown!
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    I like to dress up like john wayne and walk down main street.
    Retired (traveling and loving it!)
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    OWB in a leather pancake (until my silent thunder shows up) @ the 3:30 position with a compact 1911 Rock island.
    The 1911 is an antiquated weapons system but then again, so am I.
    Retired SF(SP) CMSgt 1979-2005

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    Quote Originally Posted by carracer View Post
    Serpa Blackhawk retention holster at 4 with a Colt 1911.
    +1 except, Springfield instead of Colt

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    SW1911 in a Bianchi 19L or S&W M64 in an old H.H. Heiser (don't know the model no.). Sometimes at the range or in the desert/woods, I'll carry my Ruger Service Six in an old Safariland thumb break, but I don't carry that combo in "public", it looks too much like what it is, an old duty holster, and I believe it draws unnecessary attention in "civilization". All of my OC rigs have retention.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Macantic View Post
    I like to dress up like john wayne and walk down main street.
    Years ago when I worked for a small town PD that is exactly how one guy would do it. He was a cowboy and he'd come to town wearing a western rig with some brand of single action revolver...and the "man with a gun" calls would start coming in. We'd have the dispatcher tell the caller that it was completely legal but we'd keep an eye on him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StrattonG View Post
    Lets be honest though. Isn't PART (not all) of the reason why we OC is for the intimidation factor? And you have to admit they are very practical. Better weight distribution and never get in the way of sitting or driving. Just my opinion.
    NO...to bolded part
    Magazine <> clip - know the difference

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike1956 View Post
    I don't open carry very often, but when I do, it is with a 700 Remington XCR in a .308 with a Leupold Mark II 6-18.

    I don't always open carry, but when I do, I drink Dos Equis.

    Wait what?

    (sorry, I had to)
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    "Shoot low boys, they're riding Shetland ponies." -Lewis Grizzard

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    In my state, AL, while some claim "Open Carry" is legal-it is under certain conditions like hunting and fishing, shooting at a range or to and from that kind of activity. All AL CCW permits I've seen as a LEO in AL since 1970 which are freely available from your local Co Sheriff state-"Doesnot allow you to openly carry a handgun like a Police Officer" or words to that effect. I always carry a 1911/Ruger SBH 44Mag/S&W M29 while hunting from 10/01 thru 2/28 and those or smaller while fishing + an AR and 18" 12ga in my boat while fishing-I don't want to go into the Galleria while shopping in Birmingham openly carrying a handgun w/o a Badge on my belt-there are just too many stupid people out there who will cause a problem and hurt the overall carry issue. People who push the open carry issue to that level I feel hurt our cause more than help it! So what if you can do it-I'd much rather have the Anal orifice who wants to rob me NOT know I am armed than give him something to grab and shoot me with! This thought doubles on the fact that MOST of the people whom I've seen doing Open Carry thing would be stars on Jerry Springer!
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    Don't OC much, but when I do I use a Serpa Blackhawk retention holster for my P226, 40S&W.

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