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I OC'ed all day today.

This is a discussion on I OC'ed all day today. within the Open Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by chiefjason Speaking for myself Gman, I understand and accept the possibility of negative interactions and OC anyway. The fact that I've had ...

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Thread: I OC'ed all day today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chiefjason View Post

    Speaking for myself Gman, I understand and accept the possibility of negative interactions and OC anyway. The fact that I've had so few negative encounters in NC just reinforces why I don't worry too much about it. I'm not one to look for it. I just know that I'm on the right side of the issue, so I do it anyway. Most OC'rs know it's a possibility, some just react very differently when it does happen. Most situations are not video taped or recorded, and they are settled later via emails and phone calls if it's a business. Occasionally they are settled by LE, some correctly, some not so much.
    I think that is pretty much true about OC in a vast majority of places. You just never know who is, or might make an issue of it, and who isn't. Most times it works out okay, and may take a little follow-up to clear things up... and sometimes things get blown way out of proportion. Some people want to avoid situations like that at all cost, and some don't mind the slight inconveniences of it. I think the really bad instances of problems OCers run into is probably pretty rare.
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    The possibility of having to defend your actions against someone that may falsely accuse you is one reason to carry a recorder. Not to "bait" an leo into an encounter. Another thing to realize is the first one to call 911 is usually the winner. So, if a situation arises you better be on the spot and the one that calls.

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    Michigan is an OC state,(no laws on the books against it), but I've yet to do it. I feel the laws on CC are generous enough,{with the possible exception of the age (21)}.
    I think if people responsibly CC'd and quit all the ND BS and children getting access to their firearms, we'd be in good shape in the publics eye. The cry for OC notoriety came about in CC unfriendly states, and I believe if CC gains in strides and remains in a positive light, then perhaps OC may regain in popularity, and be seen by the public as non-threatening.
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    Quote Originally Posted by carracer View Post
    There are really NO statistics to back up the first target scenario. Has never happened the we are aware of. If you can find a case where the open carrier was "shot first" please link in this thread. Most OC'ers are of the "deterent" mind frame. Hard target vs. soft target. The element of surprise is an offensive tactic not a defensive one. Also figure in the fact that your draw while concealed is considerably slower than that of an oc. Especially in a stress situation.

    Surprise is an advantage but I feel deterance is also a factor just as important.

    Unintended conequences may include a friction rash on your arm as it drags across your pistol as you are walking. My 1911 left marks from the hammer until I shortly figured out how to swing my arms just a little differently.
    Teen homicide suspects have criminal histories | Richmond Times-Dispatch

    Not exactly a "first target" scenario, but pretty close I think. I have open-carried before, and I am pretty sure it actually deterred two gentleman from robbing me, but I don't do it anymore. Not being critical of OC'ers, just thought I'd share the link. I'm pretty indifferent on the subject.

    How you exercise your right to carry is none of my business

    The only time I have a problem with OC'ers is when they try to make the fact that they're carrying everybody's business. Nothing wrong with exercising your 1st Amendment rights in addition to your 2nd Amendment rights, but I do think it does the entire carrying community a disservice when you go out looking to get harassed by police with a cell phone camera.
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    That is the only verified case I know of. Like you said, not exactly a first taget, but, definately targeted for his sidearm. This is a great example of at least two failures on the part of this open carry. First and foremost is lack of situation awareness and second lack of any kind of retention holster. Either of those may have changed the outcome.

    Being an open carrier I feel those two things to be critical. Of course SA is critical no matter how, or if, you carry. And I do cc on occassion so my sa is a normal thing to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bark'n View Post
    I have no problem with those who open carry. In fact, I think society as a whole should learn to become more comfortable seeing people who carry guns for defense. I think we'd all be a lot better off.
    have long been an advocate of firearms education in public schools. We educate our children how to speak, so that they can exercise their 1a rights, as well as 4a, 5a, and Miranda rights. In many states, driver's safety is even taught in school. Why don't we educate them about how to handle a firearm? Why isn't this part of the public school program?

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