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Ridiculous OCer Baiting Cops & Neighbors

This is a discussion on Ridiculous OCer Baiting Cops & Neighbors within the Open Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; This fella is wasting public resources (LEO time). That is a "no-no" in my book. Example: During the first couple of weeks of the Highpark ...

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Thread: Ridiculous OCer Baiting Cops & Neighbors

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    This fella is wasting public resources (LEO time). That is a "no-no" in my book.

    Example: During the first couple of weeks of the Highpark Fire here in Colorado, an idiot needed SAR and LEO and Firefighter support for an "almost drowning" at a nearby lake. He did not have rudimentary safety gear, and he is being run up the flag pole because those valuable resources were pulled off of fire duty to save his sorry ass.

    They should have let the moron drown.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ericb327 View Post
    First let me say I open carry about 20% of the time. I will phase it out almost completely when all my CC holsters show up. I completely support OC.I live in a small town of about 5800 (Bellevue, KY). I have been seeing a neighbor that OCs in sweat pants and sports shorts (no shirt or shoes) with a clip on holster that hangs down pulling his pants and shorts. This guy stands in front of his house all day smoking cigarettes and pacing back and forth. He's always looking around making eye contact with vehicles and walkers by. I want to tell him how ridiculous he looks and if he's going to OC, he should put some clothes on that support his firearm. However I never confront OCers or anyone carrying even in jest. Maybe an anonymous letter. Last week a friend that lives on that told me there was some sort of commotion regarding a man with a gun that had Bellevue police investigating. I have open carried in front of Bellevue Police with no problem; they support it in fact. I hope this goof come to his senses and stops embarrassing himself and other OCers.
    Yeah, the guy sounds like an huge idiot and IMO should be avoid if at all possible. Kinda sounds like he'll be the solution to his own problem soon enough. Stay safe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harryball View Post
    Based on what has been written in multiple OC threads, why is this guy an idiot. He is exercising his right, and why should he care what others think?
    Quote Originally Posted by Old School View Post
    Shorts or sweatpants, no shirt, no shoes, chain smoking and pacing back and forth infront of his house all day open carrying a handgun that appears to be hanging around his knees and giving everyone that passes by the stink eye........

    Not the most rational of behavior but then it takes all kinds.
    Everyone's entitled to do what they do, so long as it doesn't jeopardize or harm others. (And this guy on the porch hasn't gone that far.)

    A person who opts for certain clothing and demeanor on his own porch is free to do so. Just as those around him are free to pay attention to the totality of factors/circumstances surrounding those nearby. As with simple carrying, going about one's business doesn't corroborate any mere fear of having seen the gun. Likewise, merely having a certain clothing selection or chain-smoking on one's porch doesn't itself suggest much. But combine it all with a glowering look and giving passersby the "stink eye," well then it's not surprising that folks around him are raising eyebrows and keeping an eye open.
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