We have both options available here and i choose to CC. I prefer to be underestimated.Whether it was as a baseball player at the plate or going after a higher postion within a company. I don't want a pitcher to be able to size me up at the plate nor give my talents and abilities away to the office braggard who thinks they will be the next manager.Thats just my own personal way of thinking. Its not the best or only way to think but it is my way of thinking.

I support all types of carry by law abiding citizens.Some people are the cow hands that come into town off the range and don't give doodly what people think (rightly so) and wear their irons strapped to their side for all to see. Others are the guys simply playing cards, the one nobody thinks is any threat..

Every type of carrier should be glad the other guy is ready for when trouble blows into town.Besides if a posse is called all of us will be OCing anyhow...as soon as i find where i parked my horse...

Keep on carrying----