Open carry .22 MP5 copy, LEO encounter (video)

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Thread: Open carry .22 MP5 copy, LEO encounter (video)

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    Open carry .22 MP5 copy, LEO encounter (video) - Police officers are now being trained how to deal with open carry activists

    I dont have a problem with OC. I choose not to, but I could care less either way what other folks choose.

    My take on the video:

    If you are going to OC, use your head. This guy is simply trying to get attention. He's running around with what looks like an MP5, and a video recorder. I see a guy who cares nothing about the 2A, but simply wants to stir up drama. He is wasting tax payer resources knowing darn well that people will be calling the police. LEO's have better things to do. This guy is doing way more harm than good. I hope he enjoys his submachine gun walks while he can, because he is just shooting himself in the foot so to speak.

    Anyway, thoughts?

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    The LEO's responded exceptionally well and that seems to have disappointed the trolls, who were obviously expecting an opportunity to spout about "us.v.them" cases and utter their well-rehearsed "am I being detained?" questions.

    There are better and more productive ways to exercise 2A rights and promote gun-owner good will... some folks just don't get it.

    Two thumbs up to the LEO's !!
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    Nothing Wrong with encounter JMO ; )
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    I think you're absolutely right. I OC a lot, and I don't do it for attention. People who never encountered guns before or weren't used to them were and are now scared at first. I've had a lot of people call the police on me, but it's evolved to the point now that people are beginning to understand why I choose to carry. For example, last night, I left my truck at Wally World and went with a friend somewhere. Had to walk the 1/2 mile from my house late last night to get it. For some reason at about 11pm on a Tuesday, the parking lot was full..and there was a carload of migrant workers stirring up trouble. As I approached my truck, intending to stay out of the problem since it looked like a bunch of talk going on, they saw me and came over to my truck and about 2 words into a sentence, the biggest and loudest one saw my carry and decided it was time to leave. He stopped talking turned around motioned to his compadres and they walked to their car and left. One of the biggest criticizers (not to me of course lol) nodded her appreciation to me, even though I did nothing really besides dissuade crime by being there. That is a reason to OC, because you need to ensure your safety. Boxed in between my truck and another vehicle with 4 or 5 men looking for trouble is a bad position, if I hadn't had my carry, I think it might have turned bad. This situation is becoming increasingly common around here...

    Carrying to make a statement is just stupid. Don't get me wrong, activism works in certain situations, like the Civil Rights Movement and Women's Lib, but activism at it's core can be used shock and frighten people, which this guy was trying to do with his mimic MP5. Is it legal to do that? Yes, but as I have no need for my AR because my handgun will suffice, you will not see me walking down the street, shopping or watching my kids at the park with it. I've seen another video somewhere online with a guy walking to his wife's work (stupid to go to somebody's place of employment with a rifle) along a fairly busy highway with a WASR-10 and constantly shifting it back and forth with the barrel primarily pointed slightly above traffic. These people are idiots and I can see everybody at OCDO getting all huffed up by the cops wanting to check the situation...I'm on the cop's side, I want to know that he's not going to open up with it as well. At a distance, I can't tell the difference between .22 and 9mm either. And as both calibers can be found in a pistol and there's no real need for an MP5, I'd say carry a pistol in that caliber. Much easier to get into play if you actually need it.
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