philly travel question

philly travel question

This is a discussion on philly travel question within the Open Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I will/may be attending Philly on buisness, a trip that woud likely result in 30 full time jobs to the area. How safe is Philly ...

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Thread: philly travel question

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    philly travel question

    I will/may be attending Philly on buisness, a trip that woud likely result in 30 full time jobs to the area. How safe is Philly right now for open carry? Will I be endangered by city police employees?

    As a side note, I dispatched this email to the Philly PD

    Good afternoon,

    I will/may be visiting your city on buisness. I will be legally open carrying a firearm while there. It is well known that your department has had issues understanding firearm law in the recent past. Have these issues been rectified? Has training been improved to the point that I will be safe from your employees while attending your city? My trip, should I chose to make it, would result in the creation of approximately 30 thirty full time jobs, but there are other cities available to me should your city employees not be up to date on the law and become a danger to me.

    To close; what is the current state of employee training in your department? Are they up-to-date/willing to properly enforce the law? If they are not, will my safety be endangered by your department employees?

    thank you,



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    From what I understand, it is still a crap shoot. Recent encounters that I have read about range from having gun pointed at an OCer's head, to just asking to see the OCers LTCF.

    Check out these postings on the Pennsylvania Firearms Owners Association forum

    Boxed in by 7 of Philly's finest, guns drawn and everything

    PPD asked for my ID tonight

    Positive OC Incident Observed This Morning (In Philly!)

    OC'ed In Philly today and...
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    I admire your up-front approach with contacting the Philly PD, but I think your questions are phrased rather like a poke in the eye. I'd be very surprised if you got a positive, cordial response.
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    Ah this is unfortunate to hear. English is not my first language, and I have been told my use of it is often harsh. Often my wife reviews my correspondence to repair this situation, but not this time.

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    I thought it was OK. Direct and to the point. Possibly a little bit abrupt but, so are many of the Philadelphia cops.
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    As long as you have a valid carry permit, it is legal to OC in PA, including Philly. Without a permit you cannot carry in your vehicle or in the city of Philly. If you have a valid permit, I would opt to conceal carry in Philly.
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    I've been carrying for a little over a year. I've not been in Phila since obtaining my permit. I have heard many comments about the "officials" in the City of Brotherly Love, and, typically, their love does not extend to those of us who legally carry.

    Here are a few links that my help

    Carry Permit in Philly, How Long?
    Concealed Carry,In Phila. very very long thread

    In addition to contacting the PD have you thought about contacting PA's attorney general (Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General - Protecting Pennsylvanians) and the Phila mayor (Office of the Mayor) He is not "nuts" about those of us that carry.

    Good luck and let us know what you hear from the PD.

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    You have to understand that in Philly and other large cities, there have been many people, including officers killed. The link to the story in the original post where the cops stopped and pointed at the traveler happened to be in North philly. This is the heart of the current violence.

    The fact is that the urbn violence is what is constantly showing up on the news. The vast majority is being caused in the same areas using illegal guns and almost always by people that have been through the revolving doors of prisions many times. The courts do not truly punish the drug gangs, robbers, rapists etc. As a result they get more brazen each time. Chances are if you are robbed in either North or West Philly, you will be shot by the robber. As a result, whenever a resident sees a gun they call. Sometimes residents who don't like outsiders in their neighborhood will see someone including plain clothes cops and call on them just to put them through the same thing.

    Bottom line is when in a city environment, do yourself a favor and tuck the gun in. It saves both the police and you a lot of hastle and avoids giving the liberal media more ammo against guns. In the eyes of the media, we're supposed to shut up and give up our wallets and sometimes lives.

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    I've carried openly in Philly before I didn't have any problems....
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    I work in Center City Philadelphia every day. I also carry concealed every day. I would NOT open carry in this city. With a permit it is legal, however I still would not do it. You run the risk of a big inconvenience, even if you follow the letter of the law. Just my two cents
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