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First Time for a traffic stop while carrying

This is a discussion on First Time for a traffic stop while carrying within the Open Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; is a great sight for quick info about a States law. I would strongly suggest that it is not your full source of information ...

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Thread: First Time for a traffic stop while carrying

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    4,298 is a great sight for quick info about a States law. I would strongly suggest that it is not your full source of information regarding what is legal in your State. Either get an up to date hard copy of your States laws regarding weapons or download a digital copy of the entire law from your States web page.

    There are many things in the full text of the law that will not be found on site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deadwood View Post
    When the DOJ in WI sent you your CW they included a pamphlet that says " Concealed Weapons License Information." Under "Law Enforcement Contact" # 6 - Immediately and calmly tell the officer that you have a concealed carry license and are carrying a weapon. They also advise you as to other procedures to avoid any problems. For you WI guys read the pamphlet again.
    But be aware you are not required to do this under Wisconsin law. Unless the officer asks first. I'm not saying it's not a good idea, just pointing out the actual law.
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    I learned a long time ago (the hard way) that there is no mileage in getting mouthy or hassling a cop. Be polite and courteous, even if you are going to get the ticket, make it go as fast and smooth as possible. My one encounter while carrying was the same as the OP, the officer thanked me for my openness as I was not in a "must inform" state.
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    Just curious why anyone of normal body and mind (assuming here you are) would think its appropriate to jump out of the car when you get pulled over?
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    Here in pa we dont have to show our Ltcf or inform the officer, but i have see youtube videos of people who dont let the LEO know and some of them go nuts, on the other hand some officers really appreciate you being up front, as they dont like surprises. I guess its a matter of the Officer, each one is different. I am not sure what i would do if I got pulled over. I would probably tell him/her I do carry and I have it on me now out of respect and also to avoid any possible overreaction if I happen to be printing a little. Never say I have a GUN so im told incase back up is coming up on the passenger side and just hears GUN, you may get shot. Good post.

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    I live down here in south florida and have had both ends of what can happen and everything in between when being pulled over. I have had a state trooper pull me for speeding on the turnpike, had my guns (I usually carry 2) on me and they are totally cool with it and just ask for my permit along with my reg, license, and insurance. not even telling me to get out so they can disarm me. I have had cops take my guns off of me and just keep everything else normal and when done put them in my glove box. I have also had cops go nuts, pull their gun, and call for back up like im a damn terrorist. I have also had a jack ass deputy tell me to hand him my guns. no way in hell im even going towards them in his presence. I refused, he said he would arrest me for refusing to comply with a lawful order. i told him to go ahead and that i wanted his sergeant to come now. i was taken out of my car, disarmed, handcuffed, and placed in the back of his car. when the SGT. showed up I told him what happened, the deputy said the same thing word for word to him also. the SGT took me out of the car, removed the hand cuffs and asked me to come with him for a moment explaining that he was a rookie and had just got cut loose. he then walked me over to the deputy the conversation went like this
    SGT: " Deputy, hand him your side arm."
    Rook:"excuse me SGT"
    Rook:"I dont think thats a good idea SGT"
    SGT: "I Know sounds kind of stupid dont it"

    I was not issued a ticket, given my guns back, and told by the SGT that if he gave me any issues to call him and gave me his card.
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    The one time I was pulled over while carrying, I only told the officer that I had a gun because it was holstered next to the seat belt receptacle, where he could have easily seen it. He asked me to step out of the truck while he got the handgun and put it in his car while he wrote the ticket. then he thanked be for telling him about it before he left.

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    Last June I was heading into work and was hit broadside in the rear quarter by a guy rolling through a 4-way stop. I called 911 and waited for the officer to show up. When the officer came up to my car I handed him my license, registration, insurance and concealed pistol license, and simultaneously told him I had a concealed pistol in my dash console. He said "Thanks. Do me a favor and just leave it there, ok?" and handed back my CPL. Came back and forth between the vehicles and his car several times before sorting it out and writing the ticket for the other guy, never mentioned anything about my gun again and told me to "have a better day". This has been my only experience with LE while carrying and hope that if I have the opportunity again it will go as smoothly.
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