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Are You for Open Carry?

This is a discussion on Are You for Open Carry? within the Open Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm all for open carry. But I choose not to and probably never will. I don't want the negative effects that may come along with ...

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Thread: Are You for Open Carry?

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    I'm all for open carry. But I choose not to and probably never will. I don't want the negative effects that may come along with it, and the positives I see don't outweigh the negatives when compared to conceal carry. So it's CC for me, but I support OC.

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    It's not for me now but I'm not against it. I prefer having a surprise.
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    One way or the other, makes no difference to me.
    I have no option here in FL.

    Now, if I had to get gas at midnight in GA, and a couple of shady looking guys in a car were just watching me...I'd probably help them make their potential decision by becoming an OC'er.OMOYMV
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    are u for open carry?

    After reading "More Guns, Less Crime" by John R. Lott Jr., I strongly feel that CC is the way to go. OC if you want and it's legal, but I think the author makes a case that CC gives more benefit to society as a whole. Plus the element of surprise can be a valuable asset.

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    Y Not ?

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    There is a perfect time and place for every style of carry and holster, and type of gun. I mostly conceal 95% but there are times I feel perfectly fine and even more suited for OC. It's a personal choice and in Georgia there is zero difference legally. I think people that train OC or CC should also carry the way they train, fight as you train. There's also a great value in discussing the pros and cons of each method so you CAN make the decision how to carry based on the situation, clothing etc. Now, with females this becomes even more tricky and important since their wardrobes do not usually include sturdy platforms for carry like a Marlboro man with jeans and a wide leather belt. I do cringe when I see someone using the stock plastic non-retention holsters on their side in crowds with a Glock or XDm on their side. That is really holding a carrot out there but honestly you can count on one hand the cases out there where an OC is disarmed or specifically singled out. On the other hand if you ask any cop how they would act if they were criminals they say they would simply shoot everyone with cargo pants, vests, fanny packs. I just think worrying about OC is small taters and we have many higher things on the list to sweat over. By the way, I'm a new member, thanks for letting me jump into the conversation. I say carry and let carry.

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    First, if it is a legal right in your area, you should be able to carry this way. That being said.... it is legal where I live but I would never carry this way. I believe it would draw attention to myself from everybody. This goes against defensive mentality. The average person does not follow local gun laws. Some will call the police when they see you. I don't believe most police officers are going to pat you on the back for carrying exposed. I can also imagine a scenario where some individual thinks a person open carrying is a bad guy and attempts to disarm them. And a criminal would love to know where the guns are. Carrying a handgun is serious business. I keep my ego in check and not try to be a big shot or law enforcement want2be.

    I will keep my gun concealed. If you choose to open carry, good luck.
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    I'm glad I live in an open carry state, but I'm with RKM and RammerJammer (Roll Tide!). I prefer discrete carry, because I don't want to create any kind of disturbance in public with others that might freak out, plus I prefer not to give too much intel to any potential BG.

    If I did OC, Police in my small town (I know a good many of them) might ask me about it, but wouldn't really hassle anyone over it. More than likely they would ask how I like my gun, how does it shoot, etc. They tend to know who the drug heads, etc. are. Once I got into the Birmingham area or some other municipalities, it might be a different story.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1ofgods View Post
    I love carrying a gun on me at all times, everywhere I go but I'm not for open carry. I think that if a criminal was to enter a store to rob it & seen someone w a gun on their side they would take them out first then rob the place. Just my thought. What's urs?
    Quote Originally Posted by OldVet View Post
    I am so tired of that beat-to-death, unfounded argument. I think people should be able to carry however they wish.
    Same here, Vet.

    I am absolutely for OC-ing.
    My favorite "gun" book-


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    I'm in favor of any type of carry one wishes to use. Before my state finally went Republican and passed concealed carry I was forced to open carry because that is all that was allowed. Now I prefer concealed carry, but I'm still in favor of the right to open carry, and have no problem at all with those who do it.
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    I'm surprised there are any OC'er alive, the way they all get taken out by the BG's.
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    I believe open carry is your constitutional right. I wouldn't do it myself as I prefer to carry concealed, but this would also eliminate problems with printing, or accidental exposure of a concealed carry piece, too.

    Honestly I don't think it should be illegal to carry open or concealed, and I don't think either one should require "permission" from the government, local, state, or federal by means of a permit and accompanying restrictions. I think having a gun on your person should ONLY become a crime if the gun is used in commission OF a crime. If you commit a robbery, an assault, etc.. and use the gun, or have a gun on your person at the time, only then should having it be able to be used as a charge against you.

    This is how you punish the guilty without punishing everyone else in the process.
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    not this question again!!!! LOL i have posted before that when I lived in Kansas City, Missouri you can OC without a permit or license. I usually did about 80% of the time I went out. I never thought twice about someone coming at me because I was very aware of my surroundings. I never took the time or spent the money for a CWP so that was my only option if I wanted to stay armed. I am FINALLY working on getting my CWP in SC. But doesn't it help if you have a good holster for OC? Like a blackhawk? I'm not sure and I KNOW there are more experts on here who can tackle my question.

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    This topic is right up there with the caliber debates. Goes nowhere in a hurry, and one side is never going to change the mind of the other.

    Everyone has reasons for their preference. The one thing I think we all have in common is simply carrying when legal to do so, be it concealed, or the wrong way. <---- I see what I did there!!

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    I'm all for it if you are doing it legally and have the right mental attitude. I have seen some fellows OC'ing with a swagger...I think there goes another tough guy making us all look stupid.
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