anyone OC in a larger city?

anyone OC in a larger city?

This is a discussion on anyone OC in a larger city? within the Open Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; i am in milwaukee often...lived there for about a decade until i moved to the burbs last year. i have seen ONE person in all ...

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Thread: anyone OC in a larger city?

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    anyone OC in a larger city?

    i am in milwaukee often...lived there for about a decade until i moved to the burbs last year. i have seen ONE person in all my time there OCing.

    i just can't imagine doing that in most large cities...even in the burbs by me. i'd assume people would just FREAK out. any of you do this? in what city? what kind of things have you encountered?

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    I CC most of the time, but OC occasionally. Met with a guy at a Circle K OC a really nice SA 45 1911. No problems. Have seen guys OC in In and Out burger and many other places. I look closely because I want to see what kind of gun he or she has. LOL!

    Be safe!

    PS. I am just outside of Phoenix.
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    i have in Philly and in Atlanta
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    I live 30 miles S.W. of Milwaukee. Have never seen anyone in the big city or my little town (8000) OC. I don't have the guts to try myself. What is the point to OC when CC works so well. IMHO.
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    I used to see it all the time in Charlotte, NC, back when I was a youngster. It was mainly the older guys, the WWII Vets, who weren't to be messed with. No one thought twice about it. Nowadays, not so common, but mostly people don't even notice as their noses are buried in the Iphones, etc.
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    Many times, myself, in the metro area of Portland, Oregon.

    I've seen numerous folks carrying in Portland, in several of the largest cities in Kentucky, and a couple of smaller (though metro) areas.

    People freaking out due to knee-jerk irrational concerns isn't an issue, IMO. Should be handled via considerate and responsible carry, rational and responsible communication by LE to such knee-jerkers when they call screaming for a MWAG response. People will get used to it, when it's the law and no longer an uncommon sight, it seems to me. That's one of the reasons it's extremely important to have a vibrant and popular OC culture in every state that allows lawful open carrying. To treat it and folks who dare it as pariah and taboo is counter-productive in the extreme.

    The day of the GATTTOTP should be dead and buried, in the past. Sadly, it still exists in several states, in spite of proof that mere carrying of defensive weaponry does not cause blood to magically flow in the streets. Quite the opposite actually.
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    Largest city I've OC'd in is Colorado Springs, population 500,000. Woo Hoo. Nobody cared. Third largest is The City of Cripple Creek, population 1,000. Nobody cared. Smallest is Lake George, population 27. Nobody cared. Everybody else either OC's or CC's in Lake George. Florissant, Divide, Chipita Park, etc. Ditto. Oh, and Woodland Park, population 7,000: nobody cared.

    The only place that cares is Denver, land of the Capitol and the Legislature and the whining freaking tree-hugging silk panty wearing Democrats that are trying to turn Colorado into a dysfunctional mess like the two coasts. I never OC there because it's illegal. Breckenridge too.

    Full disclosure: I rarely OC.
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    anyone OC in a larger city?

    Open carried in the suburbs of northern Atlanta. But, I use a safariland with a hood... so the few sheep who do notice assume im a cop since I'm always in khakis and a polo for work. (or so I think that's what they assume)

    One thing I have noticed is that gas station clerks always notice open carry...

    Haven't had any run-ins with leo yet over it but when I do it has a 50/50 chance of being a disaster.
    I say that because all too many Leo in my area have a knack for forgetting the rules. Especially when it comes to peoples rights.

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    I OC regularly in Anchorage. While it's not as big as many other cities, it still has a populace of around 180,000 - all in regularly close proximity to each other. I have yet to be:

    -tackled by an leo
    -shot by an leo or other carrier in a mistaken case of being a bg
    -have a MWAG call issued on me
    -be shot first by a bg during an attempted felony
    -be followed him and robbed of my other firearms
    -experience hysterical reactions to the presence of a firearm on my hip

    What I have had happen so far:

    -questioned about what type of firearm I am carrying
    -asked why I carry, and evolving into an earnest conversation about the pro's and cons
    -been given multiple head nods and even a direct positive acknowledgment from LEOs
    -been left alone visiting a friends that live in lower quality portions of town
    -been ignored completely walking through crowded or not-crowded shopping centers
    -been given a wide berth by a few people who have noticed, but they otherwise did nothing
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    Maybe the fact that open carry "died" away in America over the years is one reason we are having so many problems with the anti gun folks now....... Just saying..........
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    I have OCed in Phoenix and Mesa. I primarily CC but have OCed on occasion.

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    I live near the airport in Milwaukee and have for 18 years. I've never seen anyone OC in the area.

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    I live in a sub that borders a city wih pop. of 70,000. I have yet to see anyone OC. My friends and I have breakfast once a month and we oc and cc in the restaurant and no one has ever said a word or even batted an eye.
    We have been waiting for LEO to walk through the door, but not worried

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    I can't see myself doing that in the city. Who needs the unwanted attention from anti guns and from BG's? Now if I lived in a city where it was normal and common then I would feel more comfortable because everybody else is doing it and it wouldn't be any extra unwanted attention. But then I would have to have a really nice looking gun and holster so that way people will like what I'm carrying. :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by AdBro View Post
    i am in milwaukee often...lived there for about a decade until i moved to the burbs last year. i have seen ONE person in all my time there OCing.

    i just can't imagine doing that in most large cities...even in the burbs by me. i'd assume people would just FREAK out. any of you do this? in what city? what kind of things have you encountered?
    I see it every once in a great while here in Seattle. I'm actually trying to talk myself into OCing every now and then here on weekends, just to create a little visibility. Not quite brave enough yet...
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