Good interaction bad circumstances with LEO

Good interaction bad circumstances with LEO

This is a discussion on Good interaction bad circumstances with LEO within the Open Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So I'm just now getting around to posting this. But... My dads car was went into Wednesday night by somebody. Apparently 2 other cars in ...

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Thread: Good interaction bad circumstances with LEO

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    Good interaction bad circumstances with LEO

    So I'm just now getting around to posting this. But...

    My dads car was went into Wednesday night by somebody. Apparently 2 other cars in his neighborhood were also broken in to. He doesn't keep anything but his gate clicker in his car so nothing was taken. They just emptied the glove box and threw it all on the seat. But I called the cops to file the report so there is a paper trail. The cops show up and there is two of them. I'm open carrying my g23 in my brand new trojan tactical holster (amazing holster btw) and at first they both seemed kinda jumpy about it. Neither asked me to disarm or to see my permit though. Once I interacted with them for a few minutes I could tell that they both loosened up about it. I was really happy the way they handled things. I was nervous about this jurisdictions actions involving open carry.

    My truck was parked right next to my dads car and it has dark tint so the thieves cupped their hands to look in. The cops were able to pull almost a whole left hand off of my truck window. The cop said if they are in the system that those prints were high quality and will hit when run. So hopefully they will catch these scumbags.

    There is some section 8 housing just down the road so my guess is they came from there.

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    Hope that they catch the dirtbag(s) responsible, but probably not much will happen to them.
    Had the same thing happen in our sub...the two guys were caught after working in three different counties. They took all kinds of stuff, including a gun out of a police car.
    One guy got some jail time and the other was slapped on the wrist....and we wonder why they never learn a lesson?
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    At least LEO tried to find prints. I had a truck broken into about 15 years back and there was no
    effort made to do any investigation beyond taking the report.
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    Father-daughter team here last summer worked parts of three counties steeling gas and hitting abandoned farm places for anything they could find worth a few bucks. When they finally got sentenced, they both got probation and sent home. Saw them driving around last weekend, one car following the other, in an area where there are a number of vacant farms. SSDD
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    Sounds to me as if the encounter went very well. The officers being jumpy can be easily explained. Most people have no idea how many officers respond to a normal non-violent call only to be set up for an ambush. Any situation an officer responds to can turn bad in less than a heartbeat. The fact they warmed up shows that they quickly evaluated the situation to be just as reported. Good job all around.

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    I'm glad it went well and that they put the effort into getting fingerprints. I had my car broken into in Milwaukee a couple years ago. When I called, they said they would have a police officer call me back within an hour and take a report over the phone. He just asked where it happened, estimated value of the items stolen and gave me a police report number for an insurance claim.
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