Holiday weekend

Holiday weekend

This is a discussion on Holiday weekend within the Open Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I went on call yesterday at 4:30pm and will be on call until Tuesday, the 28th, at 9am. Yet life goes on. Being on call, ...

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Thread: Holiday weekend

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    Holiday weekend

    I went on call yesterday at 4:30pm and will be on call until Tuesday, the 28th, at 9am. Yet life goes on. Being on call, I have to carry my sidearm in the event I am called out. So.... today I was wearing my usual western attire: jeans, boots, western long sleeve shirt and Resistol western hat. On my side was my trusted, loved and constant companion, my S&W 1911 stainless.

    I went to two Walmarts, a CVS, a McDonalds, a Home Depot, a service station, a tire dealer and a large grocery store. Openly carrying all the time with my credentials in possession but not publically displayed.

    Not one single person made any indication they noticed I was carrying. A couple of people asked my advice on some purchases. Nobody ran away screaming, nobody called police or security.

    Living where OC is a way of life is great.

    So where did you OC today on this holiday weekend?
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    Sounds like you had a good positive (read that as uneventful) day. That's as it should be, and as it actually is for the vast majority of people who choose to OC.

    I spent the day at a family gathering in MD, so I couldn't carry at all, open or concealed. I hate going into MD, but sometimes it can't be avoided. The only option would have been to not go to the gathering, but family is important to me so I was begrudgingly willing to go without.

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    I am glad to hear that you had a good day of OC with no issues.
    I live in Texas, so I had a full day of CC..... maybe someday we will pass open carry.
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    Yesterday and today will be the normal places I always open carry. Tomorrow I'll be OC'ing at the Virginia War Memorial Services in downtown Richmond.
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    Yesterday I was in line at a convenience store with city police officer behind me also checking out.
    Not a single word until I walked out of the store to pump gas; he was pumping gas too.

    The exchange? HIM: "Good morning, how ya' doin'?" ME: "Great! How you doing?"

    Mutual respect and a LE officer who knows felons don't OC.
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