Ikea asked customer to leave firearm in car, knowing he was a LEO

Ikea asked customer to leave firearm in car, knowing he was a LEO

This is a discussion on Ikea asked customer to leave firearm in car, knowing he was a LEO within the Open Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Store Ignores Obvious Signs, Goes Overboard With Its Anti-Gun Policy...

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Thread: Ikea asked customer to leave firearm in car, knowing he was a LEO

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    Ikea asked customer to leave firearm in car, knowing he was a LEO

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    As an LEO and Retired LEO, I have had this experience a few times. I would rarely 'flash-my-badge' on personal time if I am just a customer.
    It is preferable to me to just take my business elsewhere.
    Then, my wife, family, neighbors, co-workers, friends, various I-net forums and acquaintances would hear about the awful, rude manner in which I was treated.
    Often, I would not even mention it was gun related.
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    Wonder if the store is getting robbed he will tell the responding police the same thing???
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    I don't understand how it's possible for the security guy to be that dumb.
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    That is bull poop, the police CHIEF was in uniform. IKEA is putting out misinfo for damage control.
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    Just another wonderful day here in the People's Republic.

    The store is in College Park, the LEO is from Takoma Park, journalism at it's finest.....
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    What do you expect from a Swedish company? Maybe that is too much to expect from the country of the Nobel Prize?

    Idiocy at it's finest.
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    He knew he was an officer, the article says the cop was in uniform. IKEA needs to fire this employee, god only knows what bad decisions he has made that they just are not aware of.
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    Nothing surprises me anymore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by From the article
    “It isn’t the most prudent thing to do to walk around the store in uniform with an empty holster,” Goldberg told the station. “And I am not going to lock my gun in a commercial parking lot, with people watching me put it in there. That’s just ludicrous.”


    “We regret that there was a misunderstanding of our weapon policy in our College Park Store,” IKEA said in a statement. “Our weapon policy does not apply to law enforcement officers. We are taking steps to ensure that this is clear for all our co-workers.”
    Hm. Logical and rational reason why it doesn't work for anybody.

    What's good for the goose is good for the gander. IKEA's best interests are served with no armed citizens on premises? They'll be equally "well served" without any armed police on premises.
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    I have never been in an IKEA. I see no change in the future.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arborigine View Post
    I have never been in an IKEA. I see no change in the future.

    Same here. Tho I wasn't aware their fancy schmancy hoity toitey assemble it yourself furniture was made from sawdust. For the prices they charge one would think they'd use real lumber.

    I hope they get robbed later this week.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arborigine View Post
    I have never been in an IKEA. I see no change in the future.
    +1 here also. Just added Target to my list of shot thru's!
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    Dont think the 2A says anything about LEO being any different than a citizen. yep this was stupid but no stupider than the weapons free policy. And wonder if said Police Chief will be as quick to defend a citizens right to do what a 2 inch piece of metal on his chest allows him to do while shopping???
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    Isn't ikea furniture considered to be a joke?

    I have never been in one of their stores, but have read others rave about their meatballs. I guess I won't be finding out now.
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