Went down to Clarksville, TN last weekend to spend the holiday with the family and have our annual shootfest (which will be covered in another thread).

Plenty of OC action:

Ruby Tuesday in Dandridge where we stopped Wed night on the way.

One customer at Tennessee Gun Country (not surprising) when we went to purchase ammo and targets.

Two customers at a fireworks stand. All the employees at the fireworks stand.

The guy who owns the property where we shoot and his neighbor who came down to check on us when he heard all the commotion.

A lady inside a gas station (with her two very young yutes, gasp!) when adult beverages were purchased after the shootfest.

A biker who had a Street Glide (Illinois plates) with a pretty cool custom paint job at the Holiday Inn Express in Oak Grove, KY. He and his bud were on the way to Deal's Gap.

My BIL and of course, yours truly.