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Thread: Retention

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    For those of us that Open Carry, I do very infrequently and I think the last time was about five years ago, do you use some form of retention on your holster?

    For Open Carry the minimum for me is a Thumb Snap, and I prefer a Level III Duty Holster.


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    I don't I use an open top Galco Avenger, I actually had an officer try to disarm me at a traffic stop, with my hands above my head, and he had a hard time getting my 1911 out.

    That renewed my faith in open top holsters being secure enough for OC.

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    When I choose to open carry (which is rarely) I just use a Blackhawk Serpa holster. It seems to be a popular one for those who open carry. I'm thinking about switching to a nice leather OWB holster though.
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    With a good leather holster made for your gun should not be an issue at all.

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    Weapon retention is a training issue more than an equipment issue.

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    I do not like thumb straps. Just my personal opinion. But, they are kind of "universal", in that they have been shown in movies and TV so much that just about any dirt bag knows how to operate a thumb strap.

    I open carry very regularly here in Southwest Tennessee (Shelby County/Memphis) and I use the same holster for open carry or concealed carry. A Blackhawk CQB SERPA.

    I use the paddle attachment instead of the belt attachment that also comes with the holster as I think the paddle is more stable on the hip. And it is, in my opinion, more securely attached to the belt than the belt slot attachment because of the design of the hooks that hold onto the belt. You have to hear it to really understand. I have seen in a training class a person picked up off their feet by the instructor pulling up on the "blue gun" Glock that was holstered in a SERPA on their right hip in the paddle attachment configuration. It isn't going to come off the belt, no need to worry.
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    I think if I ever did OC I'd go with a thumb break high ride holster but... thank goodness I don't have to worry about that!
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    The only time I open carry is when I go out to eat. I carry in the same IWB open top holster as I use for concealment.
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    I open carry often. I wear my 1911 in a SERPA at 2:30 and canted forward.
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    ON a fairly regular basis I'll carry my Glock 19 in a Def-Con V holster from Brommeland. When I'm OCing, I'm either going to be around a bunch of other people who will be armed (2A Patriots meeting, sometimes at the firehouse) so I'm not real worried about OCing. I use the same holster to carry concealed.

    I won't go out of my way to open carry, at least not all of the time, but there are times when it is far more comfortable and convenient.

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    With the economy tight, I have, at least initially, opted for a Blackhawk Serpa for my Sig P220. For my 1911s I have a custom leather holster, but I really do like the Serpa....
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    Like Archer51, I open carry only in Virginia restaurants where concealed carry is illegal, my exposure to someone grabbing the gun from the holster is fairly minimal and I use the same IWB or paddle that I use for concealed carry. I have open carried, just because I can, and find myself wishing for a retention device. If I were to open carry more frequently, I would definitely want a retention holster and would go with the Blackhawk SERPA pictured above rather than a thumb break. No good reason; it seems like a state of the art gadget and I like gadgets!

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    When I still lived in a state where open carry was legal, I liked to do it on occasion and carried my Sig 229 in a Serpa. Along with that though I also took a 4 hour retention/disarming class. I paid to get beat up for four hours and loved every minute of it. Guess I'm a belt AND suspenders kind of guy.
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    Open carrying on the farm... where you want a gun with you, it's easy to loose a gun while working / doing things if it's an open holster. Or, on a horse, tractor, etc. A snap thumb break here.

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    Nope, same Sparks IWB open or concealed. My retention is attentiveness, and my right elbow in the area of the grip. I've trained intensively in retention techniques.
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