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What my CCW instructor told us about OC

This is a discussion on What my CCW instructor told us about OC within the Open Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I fail to see why something is "bad" just because the management of a store doesn't like it. Is shopping at small locally owned stores ...

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Thread: What my CCW instructor told us about OC

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    I fail to see why something is "bad" just because the management of a store doesn't like it. Is shopping at small locally owned stores "bad"? I am sure the big box stores don't like it when we spend our money elsewhere. I think it is "bad" to let a dozen people that may have never even set foot in your state in a corporate office hundreds of miles away dictate what should and should not be done in your community.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gun papa View Post
    Let me preface first that I work for law enforcement in another jurisdiction than I live.

    I was treated very poorly by local LEO here in my state of residence last year as after I informed my wife that I was intending to divorce her she repeatedly made false reports about me for any number or reasons. We live in a small town and from June to October I had about 40-50 squad cars at my house. I was pleasant with them, but they were annoyed at the required repeated response to the residence.

    On one instance, I was set up by my ex and arrested. The judge required removal of all my guns into the Sheriffs safekeeping. I endured comments about my guns and what I owned as I stood by as my guns were removed from my safe and taken away.

    I got them all back, undamaged and all is getting on okay now, but.....It is safe to say that I don't have a great love of the local LEO's here. I am sure the feeling is mutual.

    I just did my CCW class here and I don't intend on OC. I don't want to give them a reason.
    I fail to see how the story above relates at all to the statement below. Perhaps I am missing something?

    One will also note that working "for" law enforcement is not the same thing as working "in" law enforcement or working "as a" law enforcement officer.

    Quote Originally Posted by gun papa View Post
    My CCW instructor said that OC is bad. He says that local large Big-Box stores in our county are not fond of OC on their property. The Big-Box stores pay alot of taxes and have alot of political clout. He recommends keeping guns hidden so that the right to concealed carry is not removed.
    Sounds like a bunch of BS to me, but if it is actually true, that sounds like yet another reason not to shop at the big box stores, not a reason to CC over OC.

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    If your experience with the local coppers is your reason not to OC, that's really your decision and I understand it.

    The whole OC -v- CC subject has been beat to death and in the end, everyone has to make their own choice. I think both have merit.

    As to your wife or ex if that's the case, a visit to your district/city attorney might be in order to discuss her abuse of the criminal justice system and if he/she doesn't want to pursue it perhaps a law suit on your part is in order. Either way, I too would be thinking about moving away from that area!
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