Why is OC/CC so emotional?

Why is OC/CC so emotional?

This is a discussion on Why is OC/CC so emotional? within the Open Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; As I just got spanked for bringing up the question of whether OC or CC is better, I have to ask why this issue becomes ...

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    Why is OC/CC so emotional?

    As I just got spanked for bringing up the question of whether OC or CC is better, I have to ask why this issue becomes so emotional for people.

    There are discussions about which is the best holster, whether IWB or OWB is better, the eternal 9 vs 40 vs 45 battles, brand loyalty (by the way Sig is best), even to clear or not to clear. But OC vs CC brings out the worst. Why is that?

    I am NOT asking which is better.
    I am NOT asking which you do or your reasons.
    I am NOT asking why you imagine other people do what they do.

    But why is it that this question apparently precludes rational adult discussion?

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    Because people are so stuck on what they think is right or wrong. When another person comes in and oppose what they believe they become defensive. Some guys get their panties in a bunch like a woman during that "time of the month". I guess it is what it is, you're going to always have someone get upset about opinions but sure enough they'll get over it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Natureboypkr View Post
    Because people are so stuck on what they think is right or wrong. When another person comes in and oppose what they believe they become defensive. Some guys get their panties in a bunch like a woman during that "time of the month". I guess it is what it is, you're going to always have someone get upset about opinions but sure enough they'll get over it.
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    I see you posted this because of your other thread being locked. I think the biggest issue is this subject matter has been beat to death and every thread on the subject ends in the same way with no winners. You basically have three different replies, CC is always better as I want the element of surprise and I don't want to be the first one a BG takes out (BTW. no proof this is factual ), the next group claims it is their legal right to OC and they shouldn't give in to the sheep, the third group sees both sides, but is smart enough to stay out of the discussion. I tend to be in the third group. May I suggest you use the search feature of this forum and I believe the answer to your question will become self evident.

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    I can't really offer a good reason other than to say that it is. The people on either side are very passionate about their feelings. Some are emotional while others are rational about their decisions to carry in either manner.

    Just like any other conversation in a specific group of people, you may want to avoid politics, religion, etc. In this group of people OC/CC is best left avoided, it's just not worth the trouble it brews.

    I too wish some subjects wouldn't cause such an uproar. I respect a lot of the people here and have learned a lot. Believe me there are a lot of things I'd like to say or discuss here because of the vast amount of experience and good judgment to be found here. For the most part I refrain from topics that will breed trouble.

    Hope this helps ease your mind a little. I've had a post or two edited or deleted myself. I've also had threads I started locked (like yours). It's not a big deal unless you make it one, just do what I do and try to learn what to avoid.

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    I dont know why. It seems like its a waste of time to me.

    The responses are always the same.

    It's better to hide your gun and suprise an attacker.
    It's better to open carry and the BG's will see it and go somewhere else.
    If you OC you'll be the first one shot.
    If you CC it takes too long to get it when you need it.
    You will scare people.
    Its better for people not to know.

    Me personally, I dont care how you carry.
    If you can OC fine.If you cant dont.

    No sense in all the fuss really, but some people have a hard time grasping the fact that what may be legal in their little world may not be legal somewhere else or what may be practical there may not be elsewhere.
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    I figure it's because it's defensive carry related. Most other topics...hard to have a heated argument when just about everyone is in agreement. I don't really understand why anyone would argue over it though either. It's a personal preferance. OC or CC, at least they are taking the initiative to be responsibly armed.

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    I'm certainly no expert as to why emotions are involved - but I can tell you this:

    There is absolutely no LOGICAL explanation for emotions. By the very nature, emotions are illlogical - they don't necessarily make sense. They just are.

    You can attempt to explain them, or understand them, or influence them - but emotions are not logical. Once you understand that - it is a whole lot easier to accept.

    This will apply not only to OC vs CC, but men vs women, public ed. vs private ed., dem vs rep, and any other emotionally charged issue.

    Emotions don't have to make sense - they just are. Allow yourself some room to be irrational, and have emotions - oh, and by the way - allow others that same freedom.

    (just for the record, I'm part of that 3rd group...I see both sides of the coin - but then again, it isn't an emotional issue for me)
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    I'm in the 3rd group.
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    I believe it is because everyone has their own opinion and everyone is right to some degree. Every time the "which is better" question comes up, things always, without exception, turn ugly. If we are trying to maintain civility here (and we are) why would we allow the question to create separation between us? Just do what suits you and don't tell other people what they should be doing when they didn't ask the question in the first place....
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    IMHO, most people who carry have given a lot of thought and take responsibility and pride in what they do. How to carry is part of that decision process, has probably been an internal debate for some as to which is best, and in the end an opinion is formed. For others the decision is more evident. Either way, once the decision is made, each person begins to defend his/her decision, and ultimately someone tries to convince them why "you are wrong and I am right". What we have is the perfect storm. Facts on this issue are few to come by, opinions many. Debating opinions just never work. Opinions are like trash cans; we all have em and some smell worse than others!

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    It's kinda funny when you think about it: OC vs CC is up there with Pro-Choice vs Pro-Life and Dem vs Rep actually now that I've reread it, all three could be "life vs death" when taken to the extreme.

    more later...

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    A united front is a strong front, for me it doesn't matter how one carries. As long as we're united on our right to defend ourselves and our loved ones.
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    It is fear that drives a lot of it; Fear of the sheep getting scared enough to put a stop to people carrying all together. We have come a long way and many don’t want to lose any ground because of what they perceive as hotdogs OC-ing

    On the other side the mind set is let the sheep see the guns, in time they will be less afraid of them and maybe we can get some of these draconian laws lifted.

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    Because most have been brain washed for all their lives and continue to brain wash themselves.

    Because most do not follow the SECOND AMENDMENT to the letter.

    Because most make up their rules in their heads instead of following the SECOND AMENDMENT.

    There is nothing in the SECOND AMENDMENT about OC or CC is just "bear arms"

    There is nothing in the SECOND AMENDMENT about permits or training or etc.

    SECOND AMENDMENT "keep and bear arms".

    Anything (guns, knives, tomahawks, etc), Anytime, Anywhere, Anyway - Period.

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