2009 National Open Carry Day

2009 National Open Carry Day

This is a discussion on 2009 National Open Carry Day within the Open Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Is there plans to have one? What was the amount of participation for last years? If your state does not allow open carry, will you ...

View Poll Results: If there is a "National Open Carry Day" will you participate?

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Thread: 2009 National Open Carry Day

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    2009 National Open Carry Day

    Is there plans to have one?

    What was the amount of participation for last years?

    If your state does not allow open carry, will you carry an open empty holster that day?

    I believe that stealth is best. However, I also totally support open carry. I think the non-believers would be astonshied to see how many of their neighbors were gun owners. It might give the people that are afraid to become gun owners (because the media tells them it is wrong and unpopular)the guts to convert.

    A cow or a horse, walking around in a rural area is considered no big deal, and an everyday occurrence. But, put that same animal in a suburban or urban setting, and most people will be pointing, taking pictures, and maybe even calling the police. A city policemen that has never seen such a sight might even over react compared to a small town deputy sheriff. My point is, if people become use to seeing something, it becomes familiar and comfortable.

    If everyone was to show off there prized possession it would visually show the elected officials that a majority of their constituents were gun owners versus the minority in control of broadcasting, advertising, movies, tv, etc.

    It is only for ONE day, I am not suggesting you change you mode of carry for the other 364. A lot of good things could come out of showing what the "silent majority" really wants. Please, just consider it.



    Students for Concealed Carry on Campus - ConcealedCampus.com

    Students for Concealed Carry on Campus will hold its third national collegiate Empty Holster Protest during the week of April 20-24, 2009. Thousands of college students throughout the United States, organized under the banner of Students for Concealed Carry on Campus (SCCC), will attend classes wearing empty holsters, in protest of state laws and school policies that stack the odds in favor of dangerous criminals and armed killers by disarming law abiding citizens licensed to carry concealed handguns virtually everywhere else. 


    NPR California covers open carry movement in San Diego! - Hot Topics - Open Carry Brigade - OpenCarry.org - Discussion Forum

    Posted: Wed Mar 18th, 2009 12:30 am Quote Reply

    KPBS > News > Local News

    San Diego police fear there may be a growing number of gun activists who want to carry their weapons openly. The trend is part of a national "open carry" movement keen on exercising gun rights. KPBS Reporter Amita Sharma has more.

    (Photo from Californiaopencarry.org)
    Last month, about 40 people gathered at Mission Beach wearing unloaded guns on holsters. Panicked beach goers called police but no one was arrested because carrying unloaded firearms is legal in California.

    Paul Cooper is an attorney for the police department. He says the practice is dangerous to the public, the people carrying the weapons and to officers.

    "We just don't think it's a prudent idea for anyone to walk around openly with an unloaded firearm," Cooper says.

    Police think the group is trying to provoke officers. But John Pierce, co-founder of opencarry.org says that's not the case.

    "Is it taunting if a gay couple expresses affection in public? None of these things are taunting. They are educational," says Pierce.

    Pierce lives in Virginia and says he carries his gun wherever it is legal. Amita Sharma, KPBS News.

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    It would serve no purpose for me, or present laws here in FL...OMO
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    Yes but we have OC in Tn. Although the local pd said we cant carry openly they also said other things that they had no idea of....
    “Dollars and guns are no substitutes for brains and will power” Dwight D Eisenhower

    Here are some of my holsters........

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    Yes, even though we have OC here in NC. I think it would show a UNITED front. Solidarity!
    "Without fear there can be no Courage!"

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    Unless it's on a saturday or sunday when I'd normally be open carrying while up in the mountains - no.

    But will power to anyone who wants to, you won't find me complaining.
    "Run for your life from the man who tells you that money is evil. That sentence is the leper's bell of an approaching looter. So long as men live together on earth and need means to deal with one another-their only substitute, if they abandon money, is the muzzle of a gun."

    Who is John Galt?

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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    It would serve no purpose for me, or present laws here in FL...OMO
    Same for me, Ill never advocate breaking the law.
    "A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on."
    - Sir Winston Churchill

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    Nobody cares up here since it's legal.
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    Open carry is legal in Arizona.

    I find the entire concept misguided and ineffective.

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    OC is legal in Tennessee for Handgun Carry Permit holders. That said, it is something I have never considered, since I am a public-school teacher. It is just one thing I do not desire to do. Kudos to all who do choose to do so; it's just not for me.
    If the public are bound to yield obedience to laws to which they cannot give their approbation, they are slaves to those who make such laws and enforce them.--Samuel Adams as Candidus, Boston Gazette 20 Jan. 1772

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    I would participate (already legal in MI). However, I think an open carry day could be taken advantage of, and has potential of causeing anti-gun press.

    I like the informal, lets all meet in such and such town and march.
    NRA Life Member

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    We can OC in Ga with a GFL. However I don't know if I would do it. I don't really want to risk harassment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by southbound View Post
    Yes but we have OC in Tn. Although the local pd said we cant carry openly they also said other things that they had no idea of....
    What part of TN do you live in? Open carry is legal in ALL of Tennessee no matter what your idiotic PD says. Let me know when you want to do it and you and I will walk right down Main Street in your town open carrying and challenge your PD to arrest us.

    I will of course participate in an Open Carry day, but it won't be anything special for me as this is how I almost always carry.
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    No because it's unlawful in MA.
    But I'd might show support with an off side open OWB holster, while carrying IWB and concealed.

    I am personally not a fan of open carry for myself nor in general but I could and would support a pro-carry state or nationalized effort such as this.

    - Janq
    "Killers who are not deterred by laws against murder are not going to be deterred by laws against guns. " - Robert A. Levy

    "A license to carry a concealed weapon does not make you a free-lance policeman." - Florida Div. of Licensing

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    NM is an open carry state, but the only time I OC is to and from the shooting range. I am not a a fan of OC, but do not object to others as a general thing.


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    Question is would you participate ? Yes, the only correct answer for a Real American who is always supporter of the U.S Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Second Amendment is Yes.

    A Right not exercised is a Right losted.

    in general terms, Open carry is what good people did until about more or less 1900 then nothing then recent years it is in many people minds vogue to carry concealed, have multi worthless sorry pieces of paper called permits or licenses to carry concealed to make some people feel special or superior or whatever term they fancy themselves.

    Yes I have a worthless piece of paper I had to pay the govt for so I could concealed - Yes I had to pay money to exercise my God-given Right to protect me and mine by carrying concealed. Stupid laws, made by People Control Freaks we elect as representatives of the people, sheriff, attorneys, etc - yes we did it to ourselves. Stupid.

    The way it should be:

    Carry anyway you like - concealed or open, this should be your option not the govt's option.

    Carry anything you want - handgun, rifle, shotgun, knife, tomahawk, or whatever, this should be your option not the the govt's option.

    Carry where ever you want - home, to work (not in work - your employer's option), church, post office, any govt building (pay for with your taxes), this should be your option not the the govt's option.

    Carry anytime you want - day or night, this should be your option not the the govt's option.

    Do not need stinking pieces of paper (Permit or License), this should be your option not the the govt's option.

    A word on felons, if you are a felon then in most cases you should be hung or shot, in a few cases in jail - if you use to be a felon and are out of jail then you did your time and are a free man - so you can have guns and carry guns just like anyone else otherwise you should be hung or shot or in jail.

    Only gun law the USA needs is the Second Amendment.

    A Right not exercised is a Right losted.

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