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First experience open carry, probably the last

This is a discussion on First experience open carry, probably the last within the Open Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have to say I don't agree with how you were treated it was uncalled for. I would defiantly file a complaint as others have ...

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Thread: First experience open carry, probably the last

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    I have to say I don't agree with how you were treated it was uncalled for. I would defiantly file a complaint as others have recommend. If I were you I'd also open carry again people need to get use to the fact that law abiding citizens are armed. I think its absurd that some one freaks out at the sight of a gun on someone's belt.

    If we open carried more where legal it would desensitize the sheep I think. don't get me wrong here I know all LEO are not like the ones you encountered BUT the very small amount who are need to be taken to task on it,they give all good LEO's a bad name and this isn't fair. They're are good and bad in all professions. Let us know how this turns out for you and sorry for your experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by carver View Post
    The state of LA has open carry laws that allow the common citizen to carry open, but don't try it! You will go to jail!
    I OC roughly half the time I'm out and about, CC the other half.

    I've never had problem one, open carrying.


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    Quote Originally Posted by 1911luver View Post
    .....I would defiantly file a complaint.....
    I wouldn't suggest being defiant about it, but I would definitely file a complaint.

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    I just wanted to say how disappointed I am to see the response to the OP about how he deserved this because he open carried I read and participate in the forums to learn and grow. Quite frankly if you do not want people to talk about OC then don't have a forum for it. I live in a state that is OC legal and I would certainly hope that posting something in a forum that is meant for exactly that I could do so without being harassed after all the activity in which I am participating is perfectly legal. I conceal carry most of the time but I also OC because that is my right.

    As to the situation I would definitely go after the PD and the officers as said many times if you do not you then deserve to get it the next time you are in that situation because you took no action to correct the behavior.

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    Well I think that covers it for this round, too many posts to be removed to even restore this thread to a decent state, good job guys.

    A few points need to be made.

    1: Unless you're a moderator, stay the hell out of forum business.
    2: Use the report post icon if you see something that needs to be addressed.
    3: Actually take the time to READ AND UNDERSTAND what a member is saying. I can't find one stinkin' post where anyone says that the OP "Got what he deserved"
    4: Even if someone else starts "the debate", YOU DON'T HAVE TO JUMP IN, just report the post.
    5: This is the internet, people WILL disagree with you. Don't get butt-hurt about it. If you're interested in seeing the open carry section of this forum grow, stick around and don't act like a douchebag just because someone disagrees with you and rant about how you're leaving the forum. We have no problem axing your account if you're too immature to have a grown up discussion amongst your peers.

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