Spotted my first open carrier today!

Spotted my first open carrier today!

This is a discussion on Spotted my first open carrier today! within the Open Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I debated on whether or not to open carry this weekend, but since I've never seen anyone else OC around here, I chose not to. ...

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Thread: Spotted my first open carrier today!

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    Cool Spotted my first open carrier today!

    I debated on whether or not to open carry this weekend, but since I've never seen anyone else OC around here, I chose not to.

    But I did see someone who did! For the first time ever in this area, I saw someone proudly OC in wally world here in Milan, TN.

    I wanted to say "hi" but I was walking out and he was walking in.

    Anyone else notice OC gaining more popularity in their areas?
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    I have yet to see someone oc . On a poll I saw there were not that many who did. Most of the people responding were concealed carry. The only people I have seen OC are workers in gun shops , some one related to police work or security guards.

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    My experience where I am here in Middle Tennessee is that it is still not common, but I do occasionally see people do it. I also don't get out much....
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    I live in Florida, no OC
    But, if it was legal, I would, not all the time.
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    I just got my permit a few weeks ago Iam about 50/50 on concealled and open .When i do carry open its as is if i was carrying concealled havent had any problems a question or two here and there such as if iam a leo or what iam i carrying .Still not very common in my neck of the woods .

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    Unfortunately, I've never seen anyone OCing. My brother has, though.

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    I've never seen anyone open carry that wasn't a gun shop owner, in the military, or a cop ether. Although there was that one time I walked by a mirror...

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    I've open carried in that same Wal Mart. And on multiple occasions, I've seen another doing the same. On one occasion, they wouldn't let my buy .45s because I was carrying my 9mil.
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    I have OCd a few times in Wal Mart, was asked to conceal my sidearm or leave. Needless to say I had a pleasant conversation with the store manager who happens to be pro-2A and apologized for the way I was treated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom G View Post
    I have yet to see someone oc . On a poll I saw there were not that many who did. Most of the people responding were concealed carry. The only people I have seen OC are workers in gun shops , some one related to police work or security guards.
    No OC in FL, but in Orlando you may very well see OC...RUN...

    Visit Orlando...with extra mags...
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    I saw a man last saturday OC while wearing a kilt!I have to think he just wanted some attention.
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    I seen my first OC in popular restaurant (in AL) during lunch last week. He had a J frame in OTW holster, no coat. He may have been a LEO but I did not see any kind of badge or ID. I am sure others seen him too, but it not seem to effect anyone!

    R/S Lego

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    I'm getting more comfortable to open carry as the weather gets warmer here in west TN.

    Last week my wife, daughter and I ate at the local CiCi's Pizza where we are on a first name basis with the owner and manager. Only the manager was working that night and I was wearing dress slacks a dress shirt, and my Glock 27 in an OWB holster. My wife tried to get me to cover it before we went in stating there are lots of kids in there and you're going to scare someone. Well guess one ran for the door screaming when we walked in. The manager came from behing the counter, look down and stepped back and said, "I never knew you were a cop." I said, "I'm not." He then said, "Oh, you have your gun permit." I replied, "Yes, but I am usually wearing a jacket or vest." Very un-eventful night.

    Friday night we went to a Jason's Deli and it was full of folks. I wore kakhi's, a golf shirt and my Glock 27 OWB with a spare mag on the left side. one ran out of the building screaming, "THAT MAN HAS A GUN!!!."

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    i let one of the mgrs at meijers soon as i pass my CCW.. that i'll have my taurus on me said ok
    Megatron: Power flows to the one who knows how. Desire alone is not enough.

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    "MADISON, Wis. -- Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen said people who openly carry firearms shouldn't automatically be charged with disorderly conduct.

    He made the statement in an advisory opinion mailed on Monday to the state's district attorneys.

    The state constitution allows people to openly carry firearms for lawful purposes, including hunting.

    Van Hollen said that in some circumstances openly carrying a firearm might warrant a disorderly conduct charge. But he says other facts and circumstances should be considered before automatically charging someone with disorderly conduct simply for carrying a firearm in the open.

    Wisconsin is one of two states where it is illegal to carry a concealed weapon."

    "It may be a small step, but here's to 2010 and ridding Wisconsin of the Curse of Governor J Doyle and his Veto pen!"

    Looks like it is time to give the State Constitution a test in Wisconsin. Hello Wal Mart!!!

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