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Hi Tubby,

I have to take issue with that statement.
I personally know men who are combat vets, and retired LEOs who do not carry. Those men are anything but cowards, and have proven their courage in the face of fire. I wonder if you have.

As for the pastor I do not object to his taking a stand on 2A. However, assuming he is called by Christ, he is called to preach the gospel and sound doctrine, and not to spend a lot of energy on gun rights.

I would attend a church where the leadership did not want me to carry, but I would not attend a church where the emphasis was on social problems, including 2A, instead of the gospel message, and strong Bible preaching.
Once in a while, OK, but to spend energy and resources on other than Biblical preaching is not acceptable. That is not what the church is called to do.

Jerry I agree with you there are way to many churches that put social programs / problems and political agendas first and sometimes only , than totally miss Bible Preaching and the Gospel message , sure once in a while we need to address these issues and as a preacher I have done so but my first love is CHRIST and pointing people to him .