Do you change holsters to accomodate OC vs CC?

Do you change holsters to accomodate OC vs CC?

This is a discussion on Do you change holsters to accomodate OC vs CC? within the Open Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've been carrying a gun practically 24/7 for nearly 20 years as a LEO. For the past 2/3rds of my career, my job has generally ...

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Thread: Do you change holsters to accomodate OC vs CC?

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    Do you change holsters to accomodate OC vs CC?

    I've been carrying a gun practically 24/7 for nearly 20 years as a LEO. For the past 2/3rds of my career, my job has generally required concealed carry as opposed to open carry (duty belt). In my current job, I do sometimes wear what is commonly referred to as a "soft uniform", which is 5.11 style pants and a polo shirt with my agency badge/logo on it. When I wear that, I open carry without a concealment garment. I am also sometimes required to wear a "tactical uniform", which consists of BDU's and a tactical belt.

    Normally, when I carry concealed (on or off duty), I carry in an open top owb scabbard of one sort or another. However, when I wear a "soft uniform" and open carry, I wear a holster with a retention device (thumb release). If I'm wearing a "duty belt", the holster also has a retention device (rotating hood). As a LEO, from the day you start training, "weapon retention" is drilled into your brain. Twice, back when I was a patrol officer, I had suspects try to disarm me by pulling my pistol from the holster. Not just half-hearted tugs, but serious, determined attempts to take my weapon from the holster during a fight. Obviously, an exposed weapon is a more tempting target in a fight (that statement is not an indictment of open carry...simply a tactical observation). If I'm grappling with you and I can see your weapon, I'm much more likely to try and take it. Again, please let me make this clear: I do not say that to discourage OC in any way. If it is legal, I support your right to do it 100%!

    Which leads me to my question: Do you use a different hoslter when you open carry as opposed to when you carry concealed? If so, what is the primary difference? Is it for decorative or safety reasons?

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    i carry OC and CC with my M&P40 in a serpa it has active retention, when i carry my keltec OC(pretty much never) or CC i use the Belt clip
    S&W M&P40/M&P9c OC rigs
    S&W 640-1 or Sig P238 as a CC rig
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    Which leads me to my question: Do you use a different hoslter when you open carry as opposed to when you carry concealed? If so, what is the primary difference? Is it for decorative or safety reasons?
    First time I open carried, I used my usual IWB holster but with my shirt tucked in behind it and Glock exposed. Had to be in Kansas on visit to do that. If I lived in a state where OC was allowed, and I chose to do so most of the time, I'd more than likely be going with my OWB holsters in my usual winter mode for my area.

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    Yes, I do. I carry OWB in both cases, but when I am carrying concealed I will carry in an open top pancake style OWB holster. When I am carrying open I will use a Serpa holster from Blackhawk.

    I do this for security reasons, it gives me a little extra “peace of mind” knowing that, if somebody does try to take it away, at least I am not making it easy for them.

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    Well I want to get one of those Pure Kustom holsters which are IWB and OWB, and they look very professional.

    but I do like the Raven Concealment holsters because they hug your body tight

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    I find the Black Ops pro IWB with my G19 in it, is more comfortable than the MTAC with the G26.
    I use it inside and outside.
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    CC--IWB Crossbreed Supertuck.
    OC--OWB Blackhawk Serpa

    For OC, I like the extra retention on the Serpa.
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    No matter if I am carrying concealed or openly, I use the same holster, my Blackhawk SERAP.

    I believe in keeping it simple, same holster, same movements to release the gun, no having to remember which holster I have on if everything goes bad.
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    I typically don't open carry, even though New Mexico law allows it. As you stated, a visible weapon makes a tempting target. For concealed carry I use either a Milt Sparks VM-II for my Kimber .38 Super or a HBE Com III for my S&W 3913.
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    I have leather OWB holsters for open carry. Neither has retention (speed scabbard type) but I may change to a retention type holster in the future. For concealed carry, I sometimes use the same holster with a shirt or jacket over it, especially when my diet isn't working and there isn't room in the pants for IWB. If I plan to CC and can't have the shirt hanging out, I'll pocket carry or use a Supertuck.

    The main reason for retention (disarming during struggle) is far more likely to happen to a cop than an OC'ing civilian because we won't be attempting to subdue and handcuff a bad guy.
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    To this question I have to say yes & no.

    When I'm in uniform traveling to & from work I normally carry my G26 in an Uncle Mike's Kydex holster. This holster has great retention and fits my duty belt perfectly.
    When I'm off duty I do occasionally OC with my G26 in a (OWB) Bianchi Snaplok #84. This holster has great retention as well.

    I normally carry my G26 in either my Bianchi Snaplok #84 (OWB) or my DiSantis Cozy Partner (IWB). Both these holsters are very comfortable to wear. They hold my handgun snugly against my body.
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    I use the same holster whether OC or CC, Tucker Cover Up IWB. Since 99% of my OC involves restaurants, just do a VA tuck and carry on with my business.

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    Rock Island .45 with a 3 1/2" barrel and a supertuck IWB for CC. If I decide to OC in a state where legal then I still use the same holster. Although, IL has yet to let their subjects (err I mean citizens) CC...there will be a CC for IL one day.

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    Open carry in a Serpa at 1:30 position.
    Concealed carry in a crossbreed Qwik clip also at 1:30 position.
    Both are set up for cross draw. Pistol is a XD40. Two spare mags in a UM double carrier at 5:30 position. Yes, I'm a lefty.

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    Like many folks that OC I too use a Blackhawk Serpa when open carrying. When I carry concealed I either use my DeSantis Speed Scabbard or Galco shoulder holster. Sometimes during the colder months I will use my Serpa for concealed carry as well. I did buy a Blackhawk LE Level II Serpa holster and attached it to an Uncle Mike's duty belt and will be using it as my winter OC setup so I can open carry with a jacket. I should look into getting a Level III holster though.
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