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'Need some "heavy gun" carry advice.

This is a discussion on 'Need some "heavy gun" carry advice. within the Open Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by C Paul Lincoln Looks to me like you aren't threading the belt through the belt loop behind the holster, which allows the ...

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Thread: 'Need some "heavy gun" carry advice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by C Paul Lincoln View Post
    Looks to me like you aren't threading the belt through the belt loop behind the holster, which allows the increased downward deflection of the belt. It is a bit or a hassle to thread through that hiddlen loop, but the gun will be much more secure, speaking from experience.

    C Paul Lincoln
    I think hes got a 3/4" belt he's wearing,you need to get a good belt,1 1/2"gun belt that'll keep your tightey whiteys hid
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    That's one plus on the paddle hoster. It hooks the belt and pants. I also went with a 2" belt that is much stiffer. When I have to wear my old belt I wonder how I ever put up with it and a belt holster. I may ultimately go to a gun belt, but for now I picked out the thickest, stiffest, and easiest to adjust belt I could find.

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    For me, tighter is better. I was sick a couple of years ago and lost a lot of weight, so I have a lot of extra room in all of my pants and belts. I've had to add holes to the small side of my belts, and I usually have to tighten them up all the way to keep my IWBs from sagging badly with the guns I carry (smallest is a Glock 19).

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    A real gun belt will help as others have already said.

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    Thanks for the feedback, everyone!

    Paul, yeah, it's through all loops (bad pictures, my bad D:), but you did make the think about moving it up to about 3:30 for the extra support from that loop, which I hadn't currently been doing.

    Bark'n/Dukalmighty, the very top: Aker Image Page
    I was under the impression the b21 Aker was a "gun belt" :p. A buddy of mine had a Belt Man and a slick nylon Safariland, but I will say I picked up this guy, the b21, namely due to how comparable it was to the former two and its stylization. While not an insurmountable, elephant/rhino/dinosaur hide belt, I thought it stacked up to my bud's Belt Man in rigidity pretty good. . . and a few extra pounds, in this case, would mos def level the rig out (lol), but I can't imagine how the woman would take that though.
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    This was part of the reason I started carrying IWB, however, I also wasn't using a good gun belt, which has been rectified. I still am planning on purchasign a beltmen belt witht the 7 holes at 3/4" instead of 1" spacing, because I too am thin and sometimes need to cinch tight so it feels more secure to me.

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    I also carry some heavy guns. I like to use a good pair of Perry suspenders to distribute the weight. The suspenders will definitely solve the sagging problem. I also use good gun belts from The Beltman and Wilderness.

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    So, I thought about what Cooper said , and weaved the belt through the holster, back inside though the right-most belt loop, and back out, through the other holster loop, and hooked it up on the "comfortable" setting.

    I think this might have fixed the problem! :D the front of the holster rides more on the loop now, and in turn has to stay more in line, but I really do prefer more of a 4-o-clock position for weight distribution with the loaders, but this may be the best compromise.

    Now, I will say it still has some lag, namely on the back of the cant, but I really think it has to do with the jeans I am/was wearing through experimentation.

    A cat on page one spoke of it, and I believe he was spot on. The loops on the pants themselves are probably dropping the rig a little on their own anyway, regardless of the setup. The loops on my new Levis I picked up from JC Penny are somewhere in the 1 3/4"-2" spectrum (pretty wide for some retail jeans I thought ), and that may be making things lax. I'll try it on some slacks and see how it pans out.

    Again, I really appreciate all the help and feedback y'all have been giving me. I don't really have a mentor to help guide things along, and I'm one of the few in my family that's a "gun advocate", so this noob carrier is very grateful!

    I'll be picking up some under-garment bracers today.

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    I second the Perry suspenders recommendation for heavy guns. They clip to your belt instead of your pants and become part of your carry package. I prefer their "Industrial" line.
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