OC with your spouse?

OC with your spouse?

This is a discussion on OC with your spouse? within the Open Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Just a curious question: Do you carry OC generally with your wife/husband? How about with the kids? I'm interested in the statistical tendancies here... My ...

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Thread: OC with your spouse?

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    Arrow OC with your spouse?

    Just a curious question:

    Do you carry OC generally with your wife/husband? How about with the kids?

    I'm interested in the statistical tendancies here...

    My wife is a "Recovering Liberal" due not to me, but to our brand-spanking new Administration (and I don't mean this site...). Still, she is uncomfortable around guns, and always has been. I CC around her and the kiddo, but OC will take some time.

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    I chose "with the whole family" as it seemed the most appropriate.

    While I am not married or have children, I do OC with my fiance and when I'm with my mother. When I eventually have kids, I'll be OCing with them.

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    Since FL doesn't allow it, my only attempt was when vacationing in IN and MI last summer. My efforts were when I was out on my own...I did not want to try it with the grandkids...too many questions for a short visit. My attempts proved to be uneventful.
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    I am divorced, my ex-spouse lives in Texas, but I do OC around my kids. I see no harm, its legal here. I have only been doing it for a short time, and so far, have had no issues.
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    Since both of my son's live in Indiana and I'm in VA, it's just around my wife. However I wouldn't hesitate to OC around them since they both have carry permits also.

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    Member Array GlockGal's Avatar
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    North Carolina
    I OC at home around my whole family. All three of my children are avid hunters and marksmen. They have been since they were able to handle firearms safely. I would not have a problem OCing at my father's or younger brother's home either as my entire dad's side of the family carry.

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    Ex Member Array MadMac's Avatar
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    Since my missus is a sporadic (albeit licensed) cc-er, she's not against OC on religious or political grounds, but she feels strongly that neighbors, friends, and others have no need to know we are armed in public. I am coming around to her way of thinking.

    I don't want someone targeting any one of our houses because they know we have guns. We both travel frequently as well, so someone could take notice of us leaving, and jack our house specifically to snag some firearms.

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    Well, I only have a girlfriend, but generally speaking, I really think OC'ing with the family keeps the negative-nannies off your back (they probably believe it's "impolite" to confront someone about something like legally open carrying a firearm(s) in front of a family.)

    'Strange how that seems to work, ain't it?

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    VIP Member Array dukalmighty's Avatar
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    No OC here but when I was an LEO in the 80's I would carry open or concealed
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    Yep, I OC maybe 95% of the time in the spring-summer-fall. When ever it isn't too cold here to be with out a jacket. That includes when I am by myself, with the wife (who also carries) and when the whole family is together.
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    Senior Member Array kellyII's Avatar
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    I voted the entire family

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    Distinguished Member Array TerriLi's Avatar
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    Mar 2009
    Considering in public its not legal to OC in Florida, except on your own property I voted around the whole family.
    Simply because when visiting family the cover shirts come off for us, and those of us carrying OC around the house.
    I usually OC when doing yardwork.
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    Voted family as well. However, I CC with them too. When I am out on my own I always OC. Family is about 50/50. OC when I am out alone with the girls. Never had an issue with it, alone of with family.

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    Voted OC with the whole family, wife, 3 grown daughters and 2 son-in-laws, one that is a member of our local PD.
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    my house
    i dont have a spouse, but i carry with my brother and his wife and daughter, my mom dad etc

    one of my brothers has his GFL the other wants his but hasnt got it or a pistol yet, and his wife wants one.....
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