Open carried in front of a cop for the first time carrying

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Thread: Open carried in front of a cop for the first time carrying

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    Open carried in front of a cop for the first time carrying

    So my wife and I were getting ready to go to the store. I was putting my son in his car seat while my wife took the garbage to the dumpster a few feet away. When she gets to get into the passengers seat she asks me why her glove box is open and her stuff is all over the car. I immediately ask if her wallet is there, she leaves her wallet in the car cuz she doesn't have a purse and doesn't want to carry it in the house with her, but it's not there. So I immediately tell her to take our son in the house and I call the police then I go inside and put my sigma on my hip, waiting to get my ccp from the bci.

    So my wife and I are out on the balcony having a smoke when the cop arrives and I go downstairs to talk to him, forgetting my firearm is on me, but OC is legal in Utah so no biggie. So I'm talking to the cop giving my statement and whatnot and he tells me to keep my eyes open and to let them know if I see anything suspicious. I tell him will do and that I've got my own home defense right here and look down at my hip and the cop just laughs. I thought for sure he would ask for an id to make sure I'm of legal age, I'm 22, but nothing. He just tells me to have a good night and leaves.

    I was pretty surprised cuz this is honestly the first time I've carried, even around the house cuz my wife is still iffy about it.

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    Sorry to hear about the wallet, but good on the LEO non-issue.

    Hope you find the wallet.
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    Never leave anything in a car you wouldn't want to get stolen,a lot of people have their identitys stolen by information obtained from mailboxes and car burglaries
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    I would hope that the LEO would not have a reason to think that that was a 'potentially dangerous' situation, but I guess one never knows.
    UT has some great gun laws.
    Hope they catch the BG. We had our car, and a dozen others in our sub hit one night...lousy feeling, I know. About a month later, they caught the two guys. Seems that their adventures were 3-counties wide and included an undercover police vehicle where they took firearms and cell-phones. The idiots were using the phones and the cops busted their 'early morning' shopping. I got my stuff back and they were charged with 'armed robbery' because of stealing the guns.
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    Glad it went well, hope she gets her wallet back.

    You gotta love Utah's gun laws!
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    Glad you had a good experience and I hope they catch the person(s) responsible.

    When you pointed out your sidearm, was the cop appreciative or do you feel like it was a nervous, "whatever kid" kind of laugh? I am really glad he didn't give you a lecture or anything.
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    Good LEO in counter... tell your wife that 100% of home invasions happen at home... your chance is 1 in 5 of getting your home broken into.. and 8000 nation wide happen ever day... always carry even at home... one day it might just save her life....
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    Any thing of value that you leave in the glove box including guns is an easy target for thieves .

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    then I go inside and put my sigma on my hip
    Why? Did you think the bad guy might come back W/ your wife's wallet hanging out of his pocket?

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    Thanks for the replys guys. I know it wasn't smart to leave her wallet in the car but lesson learned.

    I don't think the cops laugh was a nervous "whatever kid" laugh buy I don't know what was going thru his head. He was really professional and didn't act like he was concerned with the firearm. Probably in part by me keeping my arms crossed and away from the side to avoid any nervousness from the LEO.

    I grabbed my gun because my wife was really freaked out and didn't feel safe in our own home anymore.

    Several other vehicles in our complex got hit too according the the LEO. They got hit during the night sometime and had the reports come in yesterday morning. We also realized last night that my sons DVD player we had in the car got stolen too. My wife is more upset about that than her wallet. We were lucky enough to get her credit cards cancelled and called the credit bureau, cuz my wifes ss card was in her wallet too, so they aren't gonna send any credit card offers in the mail for six months. I don't know what that's gonna do but if that's all they can do then that's all they can do ya know.

    Again thanks for the support. I think its awesome that you are so welcoming and sympathetic to a complete stranger. I think I found my new web home haha.

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