Great OC today at Home Depot

Great OC today at Home Depot

This is a discussion on Great OC today at Home Depot within the Open Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; On my way (and running late) to the range today, I realized that I didn't have any cardboard for my range stand, so I stopped ...

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Thread: Great OC today at Home Depot

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    Great OC today at Home Depot

    On my way (and running late) to the range today, I realized that I didn't have any cardboard for my range stand, so I stopped in at Home Depot. I had two pistols and the shotgun in the car, but my Sig was on my hip, as always...just that the fleece I was wearing is a little short, so there was no way to CC it.

    I realized this as I was about 10 yards from the entrance and saw TWO police cars right at the entrance.

    So I just looked over, smiled and nodded, saw them look at my hip, look back up at my face, smile, and nod back.

    Went into HD to grab some sign-making board and a stapler gun (mine broke last range trip) and these two "little old ladies" were the only ones in that area to help me. One definitely noticed and got the big dumb cow eyes, but I just kept walking towards her, smiled, and politely asked where the staple guns were. I saw her visibly relax (amazing how just because we carry and make eye contact, we somehow don't suddenly flip out and start shooting, eh? lol) and she even walked with me over and helped me find the same kind as I had broken.

    Check out went smoothly, I don't think the cashier cared, or even noticed, and when I went outside...*cue sarcasm*...much to my shock, the two police cars were NOT sitting out there, waiting to "get" me. Huh! Imagine that! lol.

    All in all, everything went great.

    For those of you in the Lake Norman area of NC, the Huntersville/Cornelius Home Depot is very OC-friendly, as are the local police, apparently :)
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    Did you have to staple your gun in it's holster so to prevent it from jumping out and shooting up the place???

    An ounce of lead is worth 200lbs of cop.

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    Great experience and great show of professional courtesy and manners on our behalf.
    Quote Originally Posted by rottkeeper View Post
    If you are living your life worried about being a victim all the time and not enjoying life to the fullest, you are already a victim...
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    I'd love to have a video of all that!

    God bless ya sister for being a great ambassador for OC!
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    Women can get away with a whole lot of stuff that men can't. It might be a problem in the future for me but I tend to discount women as ever being a risk to me - their carrying a gun won't matter - I just assume a general lack of testosterone driven aggression and assholery so don't worry. Good to see a good OC experience but I am not surprised in the least.

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    Did they have to run a NICS check before they sold you the staple gun?
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    Great OC experience Bunny! Just as it should be.

    Did you have a good range trip too?
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    In Ohio you must inform.

    There, just thought I'd be the first to post what might be the law in a totally different state than the topic.

    Joking aside, sounds like a nice practical trip. OC out of necessity, and no hassle.
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    Good to hear. Good also to hear that you were not given a hard time by the LEO to

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    I thought you switched to a Glock.

    Must have been those bunny ears. Some pics would help us all.
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    Just curious.....
    Do you use hollow point...or!

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    Good OC experience!
    Proud NRA member

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    The LEO'S are sexist swines J/K
    A Native Floridian = RARE


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    Seeing how I work part-time @ Home Depot, I am very disappointed in the concern of the employees....uuuhuummmm, sorry....the Asssociates. Not one of them inquired about the pistol. I would have ben the first to ask 100 questions......such as: type, Caliber, Can I go with you? and so on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thumper View Post
    I'd love to have a video of all that!

    God bless ya sister for being a great ambassador for OC!
    I bet they do have a video of it hahahaha..

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