You get with OC...

You get with OC...

This is a discussion on You get with OC... within the Open Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Just a poll to find out if a theory of mine is true: Most people who see a gun coupled with a nice/efficient holster tend ...

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Thread: You get with OC...

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    Question You get with OC...

    Just a poll to find out if a theory of mine is true:

    Most people who see a gun coupled with a nice/efficient holster tend to assume that you are an LEO, and are therefore less inclined to freak out and make the MWAG call.

    I have found that the body language and poise used in conjunction with OC makes all the difference.

    As I've said before, if you walk around like your fly is down, people will pick up on that "energy" and act accordingly. If you display nonchalance about the whole thing, folks tend to make an assumption that explains the phenomena before them and go about their business.

    I have experimented with the difference between Overt Display of Condition Yellow vs. the covert version. You can be very SA without staring down everyone in the store/restaurant/building, and again, freaking everyone out ("He's casing the joint!").

    Short Version:

    Don't act embarrassed or awkward, but don't be overbearing or issue non-verbal "dares" to question your actions.


    Just a thought.
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    I've paied attention to those around me during the few times I'm OC'ing, I can't help it actually. It's obvious some see/notice my sidearm but, for the most part, the people just keep on going about thier business. Some may see it but ignore it/don't care, but there a bunch in their own safe little universe who go about their 'bidness' blissfully unaware of anything too.

    I've gotten a few questions from those enquiring minds who just have to ask.

    Your right though, body language, demeanor.........people who actually see a sidearm open carried will asses the threat by what they see most of the time from the carrier.

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    I agree with you Monk. If you act like you belong most of the time you will be treated as if you do.
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    tie: they notice, ask questions (usually they ask Jr "is your mommy a cop?" which I think is SO weird)

    or they just don't notice. ba-a-a-a-a-a-a.
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    In most cases, if they even notice, they don't ask about it.
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    The vast majority don't notice at all.

    If they notice and make eye contact I just smile and maybe say something to them. Most don't ask questions.

    The few that ask questions are usually folks I am having to deal with, employees of stores. I can think of one guy, non employee, that asked about it, but we had seen each other in 2 restaurants within 20 minutes. We were doing the exact same thing, his wife wanted subs and he wanted Japanese.

    I've dealt with LEO's while OCing. But never because of a MWAG call. I was in the local PD comm center when a MWAG call came in. It was handled rather casually. Guy on the side of the road walking around his truck had a gun. He was gone by the time a LEO managed to ride by. Dispatcher commented that it was probably an off duty LEO.

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    I picked up some ammo at Walmart while OC'ing there for my first time on Monday. The door greeter saw my firearm and said, "Thanks for being safe", with a big smile. Several folks took note of my firearm while I was en route to the gun counter, then back to my car, and not one looked alarmed at all; A non-issue.

    Except for the gentleman (sketchy teen who couldn't stand still) requesting my assistance to help obtain fuel for his stranded car. I politely relayed that I would be late for a meeting. He took one look at my firearm and disappeared.
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    I occasionally, when camping, boating, or the old days when 4 wheeling, will open carry, and have been asked about it fairly often. Never had any problems because of it though.

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    Alot of OC only once the cops were called, I find OC is a good conversation starter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SAMI View Post
    I picked up some ammo at Walmart while OC'ing...

    As far as I knew, Wal-Mart wouldn't sell you ammo if they could see your weapon or knew you had it on you. That is how it is here and I have to pull out the badge (damn I hate doing that).

    But as far as the original topic goes, first off, I rarely OC. I like the element of suprise. Second of all, when I do, I act like I am doing nothing wrong, because I a not. I am an upstanding citizen that payes my taxes and supports the Constitution. I've had a random question here and there about it, but they are normally about WHAT I am carrying, not why.
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    As far as I knew, Wal-Mart wouldn't sell you ammo if they could see your weapon or knew you had it on you.
    Now that is just dumb

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    Quote Originally Posted by Treo View Post
    Now that is just dumb
    I suppose they can do that since they "reserve the right to deny anyone service" but it's still not right.

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    Walmart didn't stop me from buying .40 ammo while OC'ing my G23

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    That's an easy one. I would say that 99.9% of the people I come into contact with while open carrying do not notice at all.

    I have said in the past that I believe I could walk into my local Kroger grocery store with my AR slung on my back and maybe one person would notice out of 100.

    Most people in my experience are in what I call "atomic condition white". They will not notice a gun in someone's hand unless a shot is fired. Then they would say something stupid like "It came out of nowhere!" when in fact it was right in front of their faces but they were to out of it to notice.
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    I have OC'd around town here a few times maybe 8 in total, with different result's.

    Most people that notice scurry away fearfully, I have had the police called twice and thankfully they know the law's, so I have not had an issue with them.

    I have even been asked if I was a State Trooper, the simple effect of wearing a long sleeved shirt and a tie. That's not going to happen wearing jeans and a t-shirt.
    One local resident even asked me if I was one of the newly appointed officers on our local police force.

    I only wish I was brave enough to carry OC style all the time, but I limit my carry to when it hopefully wont be noticed.
    Surrounded and outnumbered, pass me my vest!

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