OC to medical building went well

OC to medical building went well

This is a discussion on OC to medical building went well within the Open Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Good experience during a first-time visit to my new primary care doctor, a 2-hour visit with lots of staff and other patients around. For you ...

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Thread: OC to medical building went well

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    OC to medical building went well

    Good experience during a first-time visit to my new primary care doctor, a 2-hour visit with lots of staff and other patients around.

    For you locals, it's the Rainbow Medical Center (1302 W Craig Rd) across from Home Depot. This is one of those medical buildings with a half-dozen doctors.

    Spent about 1 hour in the open waiting area filling out all those first time patient forms (OMG, I hate those places, all sorts of sick people hanging around). Never less than eight or ten people with nobody seeming to notice.

    Spent about 1 hour in the scary parts of the place. Everybody noticed, but no adverse reactions. Almost blew it when the med tech took my weight. I carry bandolier style due to my weight so I slipped the strap over my head. Just for an instant, I started to hand it to the tech to hold for me before I thought to myself .... dumb $h#t!! Just laid it on a nearby cart within arms reach; only took a moment.

    Might have made a convert. While waiting for the doctor in one of those teeny back rooms, the med tech brought in another tech, who was fascinated by guns, for a chat. Neither of them knew that NV was an open carry state. I educated for a while about why I carry -- self defense needed, better deterrence IMO of OC v. CC, places banning guns, etc. The guy left with a really big grin.

    Doctor didn't seem to care. I took off the bandolier rig and laid it on the examining table while he listened to my lungs, so he couldn't have missed seeing it.

    I hope this was another example that citizens are desensitizing to OC, and not just that nobody sees much of a threat from the overweight seasoned citizen.

    Be safe out there.

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    it is always good to here about the educational stories that happen, because more and more means less phone calls (don't I hope) good job keep it up...
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    Glad it went well, hope there won't be a sign up next time you go-

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    I have a great Doc, he hunts and loves firearms of all sorts.
    If I went in and wasn't carrying(concealed in my case), I'm pretty sure I'd get a lecture about not taking care of my own health.
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    Congrats on a great visit to a medical building here in Vegas. It's nice to know there are still some people who don't freak out over someone OC'ing.
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