A couple of years ago around Christmas I was having my fence repaired. I had bought the supplies and had them delivered and the guys working had their stuff with the stuff in my driveway. Our dog started REALLY barking and I look out and see someone going through the stuff went outside with 911 on the phone and a .357 on my hip. Dude starts to say something to me and then eyes get big hops in his car (hidden in the alley) and heads off. Police shoe up half hour later. Another time almost exactly the same thing except we were replacing windows and a couple of teens come up and tried to take the workers cordless tools off the front porch. I opend the door and told them to put the stuff back and they complied and walked on. Once again it was the dog that sent me looking because of the type of bark. The kids could not see I was armed, glad they put the stuff back I don't know how I would have made them in retrospect.

The really disturbing thing in both of the instances to me was it was the middle of the day in broad daylight and someone was obviously home. This was one of the main reasons I got a security system installed and make my wife use it. Since we had it put in several houses within 1/2 mile have been hit but thankfully not us.