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Thread: Decided ... heck with it....

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    + they know one can carry concealed on you own property.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bkrazy View Post
    Being pretty new to carrying open and CC this strikes me as a bit upsetting. I am assuming you live somewhere where open carry is not allowed and if you step into the street you are now on public property and commiting a crime. That baffles me. I mean I understand it is the LAW, but seriously that is outta control. What is bad about the whole thing is Americans are losing their common sense and you would probably be charged if you left your property and grabbed that ball Wow, I dunno seems like a bunch of jive to me.
    OC on my property is fine. I can only go off my property while CCing, so yes, had I wandered into the street after a ball, that would be illegal. I would have had to untuck my shirt and concealed the gun in order to go get the ball or unholster and leave the gun on my property. Does it seem silly, probably, but that is the law, I know it and will obey it.
    Just remember that shot placement is much more important with what you carry than how big a bang you get with each trigger pull.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eagleks View Post
    Mods, move if not in the appropriate place.

    I do not open carry outside of home, as around here the Police Dept is very "touchy", and I've even been told by one that he would shoot anyone he saw with a gun and ask questions later. He's no longer on the force. I also live on one of the main streets to and from 2 schools, so there is higher traffic at the beginning / end of the school day and kids walking by (you know, nervous parents ). So, my attitude is why create an issue when I can easiliy pull my shirt over it, even though it's quite legal to have it open on my property.

    I was wearing a revolver in a quite visible open carry in an IWB holster and not wearing a good cover shirt anyway. School was letting out about that time. I was getting some things done and needed to go outside a few trips to get my 54 Chevy running and a few other things done. The first 2 trips, I never even thought about the gun being there. The third trip, I remembered it being there..... hesitated.....

    and decided, heck with it..... these folks just need to get over it.

    So, I didn't try to conceal it at all. I noticed at one point, 3 cars had slowed down and were driving very slowly by ...... and staring at me with their mouths open. It happened a couple of more times, so I began to suspect that I would soon see the Police drive by, which would not be unusual anyway as they watch the streets near the schools really well at these times. I just kept doing what I was doing.

    I had 3 thoughts ..... anyone else just gotten fed up and said "heck with it" and open carried on their property. Did you experience any encounters with neigbhors.

    And 2nd, for those of you who have , do you get the cars driving by slowly and staring as well ?

    and 3rd, I wondered if the police were smart enough to know we can still legally open carry on our property even though it is within the No GUN Zone around schools...
    WOW … That was something!!! How can they say something like that? I understand that he is not longer on the force
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    Quote Originally Posted by IWLAFART View Post
    Open carry in an IWB holster? In my state I think that is illegal. We can open carry but 3 sides of the gun must be visable.
    Quote Originally Posted by paaiyan View Post
    paaiyan, that was much more of a polite response than I would have given!

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    Quote Originally Posted by IWLAFART View Post
    Open carry in an IWB holster? In my state I think that is illegal. We can open carry but 3 sides of the gun must be visable.
    I still don't understand whether the holster is IWB or OWB affects anything. Right now, I am wearing a revolver in an OWB holster with a thumb snap. The ONLY part of the gun visible is the grip, nothing else.

    When I carry a 1911 in a IWB holster, more of the gun is visible since I don't need a thumb snap. In an IWB holster, the top of the slide and the hammer are visible.


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    I open carry whenever I happen to be dressed for it. So... any time it's above about 25* and I don't bother with a jacket.

    My neighbors all pretty much responded with "Why are you carrying a gun? Oh. Okay. So about that other thing we were talking about..." and it never came up again.

    I like that.

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