First off I would like to start with we are a supporter to this site and thank you.

The reason why we brought Ourphoneswipe here was because first and foremost we are gun supporters ourselves. We were shocked to see Square pull away from Gun Dealers and Private Dealers, and it struck a little muscle in the back of my neck. I have never agreed with their type Of credit card processing because it is a aggregate account "in other words a fake merchant account". and I know how important it is to be able to do business on the spot. With that being said we have a great product, 1.09 rate the lowest in the Country, And ourphoneswipe is way more then a "sit there" system. Please Educate yourself and take the time to look at the different programs we are bringing to you on our website. Sometimes it is not about the sell Just like guns there is plenty out there but there is that one and you know what I'm talking about that will get the Job done. Direct Pay Me Solutions