This forum is used as a central repository of helpful reference and "how to" threads made elsewhere on the forum.

Most threads are copied here and will contain only posts that are considered, by forum staff, to contain reference quality material; never complete threads. If you would like to see the original thread, you can do a search and locate it quite easily.

To nominate a thread for possible inclusion here, either send a PM to Bumper with the URL to the thread/post or use the "report" function. Please specify that the report is for a nomination for inclusion in this forum. Please be patient for your nomination to be included here, it may take a few days.

For those members that want to create a reference thread specifically for this area, you can either open a new thread here or open it in the appropriate forum and "report" it for inclusion here. The latter is preferred. Again, please be patient for your nomination to be included.

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All threads included here are closed (locked) as they are not intended for comments as the original threads of the forum are.