A member commented to me that just perhaps, some of our newer folks to guns and carry might not be fully up to speed on rules of safety.

Therefore let me post a reminder of these rules (my own version, just slightly modified) - and to all those who know them well please excuse the mention - I am fully in favor of safety measures being to excess rather than short measure!

These are Col Cooper's and have one more rule than the NRA version - it is these I live by. They are obvious and common sense but - if followed will prevent hurt or tragedy.

Always follow them all but should one be forgotten then the others can usually stem disaster. Not all folks agree with me but I consider rule #2 almost the ultimate ''catch all'' - if it were only that which was followed, no one can get hurt! YMMV

Rule #1 - A gun is loaded - always. (even if just checked clear!)

Rule #2 - NEVER point a gun at anything you do not wish to DESTROY

Rule #3 - Keep finger off trigger until actually intending to shoot.

Rule #4 - Know your target - and what is beyond.

Shoot well and stay safe.