Check out the information here.

1. You cannot carry your weapon on the plane, you must check it. (I know this may seem incredibly obvious but some people still ask so I'll just cover that base right off the bat. )

2. Go to the TSA website and print off their policy regarding firearms on flights.

3. Call the airline, check on their policy for firearms on their flights (all airlines must abide by the TSA policy but they can also extend a stricter policy if they would like and it may keep you from flying or taking your guns with you if you aren't aware of their policy.)

4. All firearms must be in a hard-sided, lockable case and they must be empty.

5. Ammunition can be taken with you but in a limited amount and it should go in a separate container than your firearms (TSA provides that it can go in the same case as your guns but a lot of times it doesn't fit and again, the airline might have a different policy on ammunition so call the airline).

6. Arrange all of your firearms in the case so that they can be easily checked to be sure they are clear without much touching and moving (i.e. locking the slide open and placing it in the case sans the magazine in a way so that a glance in the chamber will indicate that it is, indeed, empty).

7. When you check in at the airport declare your firearms. They will want to see them and place a slip of paper in the case with your firearms indicating that they have looked at them and approved them.

8. Be courteous to the security personell and be prepared to unlock and show your guns as you will be required do to so.

9. Know the transportation, carry and reciprocity laws of your destination states (including any state that you may have a layover in) you don't want to get your guns taken away because you failed to know the laws of the state you are entering.

10. If possible, get a non-stop flight to cut down on the number of unfamiliar hands that will be within access to your firearms.

That should be it.

Enjoy your flight and stay safe.