I expect some folks may have done this already but - on discussing with Ben Hennesy, he thought it might be worth a thread for those who may have considered, but not done it. So here is a starter suggestion.

The ideas is of course simple ....... create a notch in the safety so that when safety engaged the lever also, with it's new notch ... holds the bolt open by snagging the handle.

Now - this is in a sense not quite complete because I need to modify mine a bit further, as the hold is not secure as I want - but I'll show the pics to give the main idea and then describe what I need to do to improve it.

First - mark with a sharpie where the lever lines up with bolt 99% to rear. Then using a Dremmel and fine cutting disk or small grinding deal - remove bit by bit until you match the bolt handle profile.


This should leave you seeing the engaged position looking like this pic .........


And another view ........


Now for what needs done yet - notice, the bolt handle has a radius at it's lower inner edge ... and while I matched that with my grinding, it leaves a rather insecure hold - the radius allowing for the safety lever to ride down and off if disturbed too much ... resulting in bolt slamming home.

My intended correction will be to make the front vertical portion of the safety lever notch become just a smidgeon rearward sloping ... plus possibly a very small tweak to the profile of the bolt handle. The result required is to have a less easy release until actually wanted.

Probably I will buy a new spare safety and work on that ... and when and if I get it done will post some more on it. It should be easy to see tho that the basic approach is dead simple.