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Pictorial: How You Carry Concealed

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Thread: Pictorial: How You Carry Concealed

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    Glock 23 in a CTAC....

    And covered

    For the record, I weigh 165 and have a 31 inch waist. This CTAC is great.

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    I had my wife shoot a couple of pics for this thread. Now, I do not carry concealed all that much. As most of you know, I open carry a majority of the time here in TN a it is legal and the LEO know it and do not hassle anyone about it.
    But, when I do carry concealed I tend to carry with this set up. A Fobus right hand paddle holster with just an untucked T-shirt to cover the Glock 23. Sometimes it prints (as the grip does in this pic) but it is no big deal. I rarely see anyone notice that I have a gun on when I open carry so I am sure no one takes note of a bulge when I CCW.

    I have larger T-shirts and Polo shirts that cover the gun better but 9 times out of 10, this is what I end up looking like if I am CCW.

    After seeing the pics from whamonkey above my post, I am thinking of getting a C-TAC and giving it a try. His G23 just disappears in his. I really like that. He only weighs 10 pounds more than me and our waists are the same size. It should work as well for me.
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    As I've mentioned in other threads...the weight and the wheelchair tend to limit my carry options but the Safepacker seems to work best for me. It looks like a gear pack not a holster. I keep it and my cellphone, etc on a decent belt all the time and just toss it on with whatever I'm wearing so it doesn't matter if its short or jeans.

    If I am dressing up I have an IWB that I wear just behind my left hip but the Safepacker "feels" good and provides access when needed, standing, seated, driving, whenever.

    Here are a few pics.

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    Curtis27, I wear a leather tuckable M-F.

    Smith 642 with clip (I wear under the belt)
    Attachment 5431

    Kimber Ultra Carry with belt loop
    Attachment 5432

    Both are made by a local guy, but if you want his info, he ships as well. Retired undercover LEO, been doing leather for over 25 years.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Pictorial: How You Carry Concealed-642_tuck.jpg  

    Pictorial: How You Carry Concealed-tucker_kimber.jpg  

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    My 1911 SA Champ

    easily concealed under a t shirt or a cover garment. First holster is Blackhawk Serpa, second IWB kydex hand made holster.
    Sorry for the bad quality, the camera flash brought out lots more than the naked eye could see on the mirror.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Pictorial: How You Carry Concealed-concealed-041.jpg  

    Pictorial: How You Carry Concealed-concealed-039.jpg  

    Pictorial: How You Carry Concealed-concealed-038.jpg  

    Pictorial: How You Carry Concealed-concealed-037.jpg  

    Pictorial: How You Carry Concealed-concealed-036.jpg  

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    Quote Originally Posted by Curtis27 View Post
    As I ony wear tuckables due to the fact that I wear tucked in golf shirts at the office. Outside of the CompTAC holsters, does anyone make/use leather tuckables? I would be interested in that set up...

    I too like the tuckable styles of holsters and the best I have found is the Heritage by Tucker Holsters, made right here in Texas. Here are a few of mine:


    3" SP-101
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    I'm almost always an IWB guy with a T-shirt or polo. Works well for me, even when moving around or squatting down (still gotta be careful when squatting though).

    And then there's option 2. This only works with a jacket, though. It stands out too far to fit under a shirt.

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    Here are three pictures of me with my USPc in it's new CTAC holster. I'm waiting on my new leather from Gary, but I think the CTAC will work fine. Need to wait on my permit though.

    Without any cover on at all.

    With an unbuttoned dress shirt.

    With just a t-shirt.

    NOTE...Pictures are all taken in a mirror, the pistol is actually on my right side.
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    My S&W sigma .40 in my wildbills slide holster, belt and mag carrier.

    Attachment 5493 Attachment 5494 Attachment 5495
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Pictorial: How You Carry Concealed-100_1753s.jpg  

    Pictorial: How You Carry Concealed-100_1749s.jpg  

    Pictorial: How You Carry Concealed-100_1752s.jpg  

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    Quote Originally Posted by firefighter4884 View Post
    Here are three pictures of me with my USPc in it's new CTAC holster. I'm waiting on my new leather from Gary, but I think the CTAC will work fine. Need to wait on my permit though.
    Everyone loves the USP in a CTAC

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    Quote Originally Posted by mzmtg View Post
    Everyone loves the USP in a CTAC
    You said it. I swapped the leather tabs so it would sit lower. I like it better this way, as no matter how tight of a shirt I put on it sits nicely in my back with no printing.

    I wish I could carry 3:00 though. It looks like I have a tumor on my hip if I do. 1911's carry fine but the USPc sticks out really bad. If I keep my arm down its not noticeable, but go to shake someones hand or something and I have the lump.

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    For as much praise as Milt Sparks' holsters garner, I think it's strange this thread has gotten this far without anybody showing at least one.

    Here's the setup:

    I keep my Berettas in a Milt Sparks Versa Max II on a Dutyman 1.5" belt, and keep a spare mag in a Safariland Mod. 074 concealment paddle mag pouch. The Sparks loops are really tight on the belt, and it is impossible to unsnap the loops while they're on the belt. It makes for a good, stable fit, but a bear to remove, especially discretely. On the mag pouch, I had to modify the plastic clip that grabs the bottom of the belt because it seems to be made for thinner belts. The packaging does not state it is for a particular belt width.

    How it all comes together:

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    the Hk is in a Garrity and the 1911 is in HBE holsters...

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    Hi folks, Lucky1406...this is what I use for my CZ 97B (.45).

    Uncle Mike's sidekick inside the pant holster.

    T .

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    Here's mine, I usually wear a tactical vest over this, it prints a bit out the bottom of the shorts but otherwise I'm good to go...
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Pictorial: How You Carry Concealed-photo-67.jpg  

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