My 1911 thumb safety

My 1911 thumb safety

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Thread: My 1911 thumb safety

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    My 1911 thumb safety

    Is there a way to loosen up the thumb safety on my 1911, for some reason it seams to have stiffened up the last couple of months.
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    Lemme See If I Understand This Correctly ??

    You want to remove the thumb safety but, you don't want to do any further diassembly?

    Yes, you can do that.

    • Drop the magazine.

    • Check the chamber to make certain that the firearm is unloaded.
    • Remove the top end - Slide/Barrel
    • With the hammer in the forward position - drive out the mainspring housing pin.
    • Fully cock the hammer and then wiggle the thumb safety as you pull straight upward.
    • You'll notice when you have cocked the hammer the mainspring housing has slid down. Slide it down a tiny bit further and tape it so that it won't come all the way out.
    • Since the thumb safety also holds the grip safety in place - the grip safety will be sitting in the rear frame opening loose...that's OK don't worry about it. You can wiggle it out if you want slip back in pretty easily.
    • You'll also notice the thumb safety also holds two pins in place and prevents them from coming out.
      They are the hammer pin & the sear/disconnector pin. Put two tiny pieces of tape on them to keep them from coming out of the frame.
    • OK the thumb safety is now out. You might as well slip the plungers & spring out of the plunger tube and clean them and the inside of the plunger tube with some solvent and pipe cleaners.

      Note: The plunger spring is SUPPOSED to have a kink in it BTW. That is what prevents it from flying out.

    Putting it back together again.

    • Move the grip safety around until the hole lines up with the frame hole.
    • Remove the two little pieces of tape holding those two pins in.
    • Slip the thumb safety pin into the hole in the frame just enough to keep the grip safety where is's supposed to be.
    • The hammer needs to be cocked but, you'll notice that it cannot go back into the frame BECAUSE the extended out of the plunger tube and is blocking it.
    • From the top of the frame use something thin that will not mar or scratch your frame. A thin stiff strip of brass is good...ANYTHING that is thin enough and stiff enough to push the little plunger back into the plunger tube from under the thumb safety...while you push the thumb safety back into its slot.
    • Now depress the grip safety while holding the hammer & pull the trigger to ease the trigger fully forward.
    • Try not to let the hammer slam forward under full force and hit the frame.
    • OK now the grip safety is back in and the hammer is forward you'll now need to push the mainspring back up.
    • LOOK and jiggle the frame around and make sure that the hammer strut is properly centered in the top of the mainspring...
    • Push the mainspring housing back up as far as it will go - reinsert the mainspring housing pin and tap it back in.
    • Sometimes it helps to put a bit of thumb pressure on the base of the mainspring housing to help the pin go back in.
    • Use a non-marring mallet or the plastic handle of a large screwdriver to whack it back in.
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