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OC Pepper Spray - Is It Legal In Your State?

This is a discussion on OC Pepper Spray - Is It Legal In Your State? within the Reference & "How To" Forum forums, part of the Related Topics category; Thank you, QK. We're just getting ready to do some multi-state travel and this was on the ol' "To Do List". Thanks for saving me ...

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Thread: OC Pepper Spray - Is It Legal In Your State?

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    Thank you, QK. We're just getting ready to do some multi-state travel and this was on the ol' "To Do List". Thanks for saving me a lot of time!
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    wow, never knew pepper spray was regulated other than usually you had to be 18. Slightly intrusive!

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    Two items of note wrt MA laws on OC/mace/chemical sprays:

    - All such chemicals are illegal on any school property (K-college) unless you have a license AND permission from the school (almost impossible to get for coeds at colleges).

    - MA Residents can get a permit for OC ($25) at a reduced age (not sure if you have to be 18 or not and too lazy to look right now). BUT students who did NOT go to High School in MA before entering a MA college will be considered a NR wrt licensing and the only permit a NR can get is a pistol permit for $100/year! You MUST be 21 in order to qualify for a pistol permit in MA.

    I worked at a large college in Boston as an Aux PO (weekend dorm detail and football games) for ~8-9 years back in the 1980s. A Det. Lt on their PD is a very long-time friend and as of a year ago told me that he regularly SUCCESSFULLY prosecutes students for possession of "ammunition" (OC) on campus in the District Courts. He and I vehemently disagree on this matter, but anyone contemplating the great schools in MA should be aware that MA is a rape-friendly environment! [And MA does not adequately punish rapists that are convicted either!]

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    Carrying OC spray is a good idea. Carrying a taser is also good. Just don't mix the two together. Many OC sprays contains alcohol which can ignite someone sprayed with pepper.
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    Cool info. You should get one for tazers too. I carry a tazer in addition to my Glock 36. I prefer tazers to pepper spray as a non-lethal self defense option. I.e. unarmed assailant is assaulting me. I'd rather taze his butt then shoot him dead.

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