Forum Usage: Tips and Tricks

Forum Usage: Tips and Tricks

This is a discussion on Forum Usage: Tips and Tricks within the Reference & "How To" Forum forums, part of the Related Topics category; Forum tips and tricks. Want to know how those cool quote boxes and links that appear as text and not a web address work? Here ...

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    Post Forum Usage: Tips and Tricks

    Forum tips and tricks.

    Want to know how those cool quote boxes and links that appear as text and not a web address work? Here it is.

    There's a couple different ways to quote a post.

    On the post you want to quote, there is a button on the bottom right of the post window that looks like this: , this is the quote option of your general reply functions; we'll get to the other options later on. Once you've quoted the post, you'll see that it also gives the members name of the post you're quoting, and an arrow in a blue box that looks like this: , that is a view post arrow, and clicking that will take you to the original post that you are quoting.

    So once you've quoted a post, and you want to reply to that post point by point, you can break up the quoted post using either straight text editing, or using the quote option from your post tool bar, that option looks like this:

    Using the "Quick Quote" as I call it, you can still add the members name simply by doing the following, inside the first quote tag [quote], put an =MEMBER_NAME after the quote, for example: quote=MEMBER_NAME, if in the appropriate tags would appear as:
    Quote Originally Posted by MEMBER_NAME
    testing 1, 2, 3.
    If you want to have the view post arrow associated with all your broken down quotes, all you need to do is add a semicolon after the members name, and copy and paste the post number after the semicolon.

    Such as the following example.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bumper View Post

    "Stickies" - Stickies are threads that are considered to be important, or related to many commonly asked questions or frequently searched for material. They are normal threads that are "stuck" near the top of each section to make them easy to find.

    Some of the more important stickies are listed below:
    When quoting a post, using the standard quote or multi-quote option, it will automatically give the view post arrow by using the ;post number after the member name, so you can just copy that portion of the tag and paste it as needed, just be careful when using the copy and paste as to not past an incorrect post number.

    That covers quoting a single post. If your in a thread, and there are multiple posts that you would like to quote without having to reply with 3 posts, you can use the multi-quote feature to quote multiple posts in a single post of your own, this means you can quote 3 posts at once in the same post. I know, I know, you’re saying “But why would I want to post less?” Simple, it’s annoying to come into a thread that’s all ready three pages long and see 5 posts from the same person quoting the five previous posts before his (or hers).

    So here’s how you use the Multi-Quote feature, on the bottom right of the post window where the quick reply and regular quote options are, you have the Multi-Quote button that looks like this:
    You select this on every post that you want to quote, the color of the selected post’s Multi-Quote button will change color to indicate that it’s been selected and look like this.
    Once you’ve selected all the posts that you want to quote, just hit the Add Reply Button:

    And your post will contain the desired quotes.

    Using Hyperlinks

    We all like to post links to what we’re showing off, asking questions about, references to news stories, etc. etc. But who wants to see:

    When you can see: THIS

    This is done by inserting a hyperlink into a string of text. Pretty sweet isn’t it?

    You accomplish this by highlighting the text that you want to show as a link. In the above example, I used “THIS” as my desired text. Once I highlighted “THIS” I clicked on the hyperlink button: from the reply to post tool bar:

    Once, you click on the insert hyperlink button, the following box will appear:

    Simply type in or paste the URL you want to share, and hit OK. The highlighted text will go to that URL.

    So if I want to give a link to….Sig’s website, without showing the whole URL, and making it look like it is part of the post. I’d type the following.

    Check out Sig's website, they added a bunch of new guns

    I highlighted Sig's website, and inserted the URL to Sig’s new product page. **Note: I have no affiliation w/ Sig, I was just using them for reference**

    A little bit about “tags”

    When you use bold text, italic text, underlined text, and quotes, the words you want those specific attributes to belong to get wrapped in tags, tags are just simply characters wrapped in brackets [***] with another set of brackets with a forward slash [/***] at the end of the sting of , you can fix “broken” tags if you mess something up, if you have a string of text that is supposed to be [u]underlined[/u and it isn’t, it’s because the tags are incomplete, the text in bold has a broken tag at the end, the /u should have a ] after the /u.

    Correct sets of tags look like this:

    If you want to use Bold, Italics, or underlined text, you can also use Ctrl+B, Ctrl+I, and Ctrl+U, instead of the option button on the tool bar, this comes in handy if your writing a long post with the text window enlarged, or you just don't have a good mouse (damn laptops), it does not work for quoting so don't try ctrl+Q. There may be other keyboard commands, but I am not aware of them.

    Spelling, for those that don't use Firefox, or a browser with a spell checker, go HERE and download IeSpell, this will insert a spell checker into your post window.

    Personally, I use Firefox which has a built in spell checker, and IMHO it's just a better browser.

    For info regarding posting pictures, see HERE

    So that's about it, I'd like to keep this thread going, any tips I missed, feel free to post them, and please, I don't mind if anyone copies this and pastes it to another forum, but give credit where it's due, and be advised, that on other forums, some of the info in this post won't display correctly, for example, the view post arrow buttons, will take persons to the post number of the forum where it's being viewed, so instead of Bumpers quotes regarding stickies , they will be going to post number 573040 wherever else this may get posted, and some of the buttons and control panel pictures won't match.

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    Too much information, I can't handle it.J/K Thanks for posting this, it will definitely be helpful for me in the future.
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    didn't know the ctrl+b trick. thanks
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    Thanks for the tips! Say---anyone know how to use the character map? So you can post things like my .02¢, and 40°C, and other weird stuff you can't find on your keyboard? It's in your programs for Windows© users! Just an FYI to go along with tips and tricks.

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    You can edit the title to any thread that you have posted, if that post has not passed the deadline for editing.(I believe 24 hours?)
    Click Edit, then click Go Advanced. Your title will be at the top of the screen, and can be changed.
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    Old dogs always appreciate learning new tricks... Thanks!
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    Thanks for the Info, I will try and remember to practice.

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