S&W is adding the thumb safeties to more of their models. The right hand thumb safety tab clearly interferes with the LaserGrips, so here are some alternatives.
  1. Remove the thumb safety activation lever and lose the thumb safety function.
  2. Cut off the right hand tab and retain the function with the left hand tab only.

Getting access to the thumb safety activation lever (picture below) proved quite easy for me (novice) by following Dan Burwell's DIY Trigger Job instructions up to the point of tilting the sear up (page 7 of 46). The thumb safety activation lever is then easily removable. http://www.burwellgunsmithing.com/mi...triggerjob.pdf

If you don't care to have the thumb safety function but the M&P you bought was just a really good price, you can just remove the activation tab and reassemble your pistol.

If you want to retain the safety function and still install the Crimson Trace LaserGrips, you can cut off the right side tab. I would do it removed from the gun to avoid metal filings getting into the gun because I know my limitations with tools. :geek: