Multiple Flashlight needs

Multiple Flashlight needs

This is a discussion on Multiple Flashlight needs within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Here is where I need your all’s help.. We have not been “flashlight” people here in my house. Don’t hardly use them. Have old Mag ...

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Thread: Multiple Flashlight needs

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    Multiple Flashlight needs

    Here is where I need your all’s help..
    We have not been “flashlight” people here in my house. Don’t hardly use them. Have old Mag Lites in each vehicle but bet the batteries are shot (cold winter has taken the toll). Have a few in the house but again the level of “charge” would be suspect other than the poor quality one we leave plugged in.

    I am wanting to make a change for safety sake/self protection/defense here is what I am thinking and would appreciate your recommendations:

    2 EDC lights…one for me and one for her…requirements obviously are small in size but mighty in features. Lol…really my thoughts are tailcap controls with strobe feature as well as normal use. Something that won’t come on easily by accident in my pocket or her purse.

    2 for the vehicles…Once again I was thinking the same requirements as above (strobe feature) but could be larger in size than the EDC.

    2 for the bedroom…I want one for each of our nightstands, (again strobe feature). Here I am thinking rechargeable.

    1 walk the dog light that stays at the back door…again this is primarily a protection/self defense agenda item. I don’t need a light for the “quick before bedtime pit stop” but is really foolish not to have one in hand should someone be lurking. Again, rechargeable and strobe.

    Now I don’t have the resources to Fort Knox at my disposal but as always I prefer quality but at reasonable price.

    Thanks for all your help.

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    I think a Gerber Omnivore would meet your needs

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    For a small EDC I highly recommend the Fenix PD20, it puts out 190 lumens, has strobe, SOS, and has 4 different levels of brightness. It is so small and easy to carry that I have mine clipped to my front pocket 24/7.
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    The Fenix line has something for all of your requirements.

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    +1 on Fenix! For more in depth research, try CandlePowerForums (the flashaholics!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by surefire7 View Post
    +1 on Fenix! For more in depth research, try CandlePowerForums (the flashaholics!)
    Yeah, we'll carry over to the dark side as soon as you step foot on CPF.

    I'll add my vote for Fenix lights; you almost won't believe the difference between them and your Maglites.

    On the strobe feature... unless it has a dedicated setting to activate it (like the Gladius does), it's more of a gimmick than anything else. You simply won't be able to double- or triple-tap the switch fast and consistently enough in a SHTF situation to make the "strobe" work (fine motor skill, gone out the window under adrenaline).

    However, modern LED lights are so bright that under normal dark conditions, they're more than enough to disorient somebody coming at you. Actually, they can be too bright, especially if you're indoors and your eyes are dark adapted. Outside is another can'o worms.
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    As noted above, I'd direct you to this website: CandlePowerForums - Powered by vBulletin

    Look over the LED Flashlight section. With the search feature you can find excellent write ups on many different lights.

    When I was purchasing flashlights, I found the website very helpful.
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