Go bag(s)...

Go bag(s)...

This is a discussion on Go bag(s)... within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; This is kind of a related to: http://www.defensivecarry.com/vbulle...-civilian.html but is more specific. Who out there carries a real, grab and go, TSHTF tactical bag, what ...

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Thread: Go bag(s)...

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    Go bag(s)...

    This is kind of a related to: http://www.defensivecarry.com/vbulle...-civilian.html

    but is more specific. Who out there carries a real, grab and go, TSHTF tactical bag, what is it, what is in it and anything else you can think of that would be relavent? This is not about a Patrol Bag that carries forms, paper, batteries and pens. This is about the bag you want/need when an active shooter shows up and is deep inside a building and your car will not be available.

    For me (and this stays in my POV when not in a cruiser) it is the Camelbak MULE, the military version with the MOLLE webbing on the front. It is DCU pattern though black works better for LEO work or in general but DCU was free so I went with DCU

    I have had it modified by having some velcro (soft side) sewn on and inside it. On the top pouch exterior I have a strip big enough for a 5 round 12 ga shotshell carrier to attach and about that for an agency shoulder patch (also modified with velcro like the way the Army does it, I was tempted to just have an old shoulder patch sewn on but if I am hiking and do not want anyone to know I can put a Mil-spec-monkey patch on instead). There is vecro on the inside of the upper pocket as well, front and back.

    This is the set up:
    -5 shotshell carrier (x3 .00 buck, x2 slug)
    -Agency patch
    -triple mag pouch with MOLLE webbing on the front of it so it can be layered; contains x3 AR mags
    -dump pouch (I think this is just a quad mag pouch with molle) on the front of my AR mags, contains CLS type first aid items modified for police work; EMS is closer and better in the states so it is gun shot oriented with no nasalpharengeal or needle decomp ---thats in my gear back that goes in the trunk
    -Spyderco knife

    Bottom pouch:
    -radio battery
    -notebook and pens
    -cylume stick
    -ankle restraints (they look like shoe laces?)
    -x2 energy bars
    -extra handcuffs

    Top pouch:
    -exterior inside 5.11 velcro double mag pouch with a 15 round 5906 mag, loaded full (it fits the kel-tec P-11) and a LED flashlight.
    -multi-pocket insert (came from a video game carrying case). It has batteries, money, a lighter and matches.
    -back interior against the other velcro square added. 5.11 universal mag pouch with my kel-tec p-11 snapped into place.

    Water bladder pocket:
    -empty watter bladder
    -one flex cuff
    -50' 550 chord on winder
    -x2 long term storage individual water bags (8 oz each)

    The photo is out of date, I change my gear up when something new/better is made available.....
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    im a civilian, so i have a BOB, sorta.

    i have two of these in my car
    LAPG Tactical Bail Out Gear Bag Best Seller!

    one in black and one in tan.

    black i keep my lil tools and gear in there
    tan i have spare clothes etc

    so the black one:

    latex gloves
    mutli tool
    some index cards
    black bandana
    emerncy pancho
    a set of walky talkys
    ace elbow brace
    some tool bits
    small 1st aid kit
    24 season 4 ( cuz i havnt taken it in the house yet)
    a bible
    and some other stuff that i cant remeber

    tan: two shirts, two boxers, two pairs of socks
    extra lithium batt for my AA flashlights ( always have it on my person)
    4sevens prism kit
    house chager for my cell phone.
    surefire g2 and a set of batts.
    tooth brush, tooth paste,
    bar of soap.
    black bandana.
    three cans of new england clam soup
    one of those camper towels.
    and again, other stuff i cant remeber.

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    I personally love these threads....because I am building one myself currently. That being said I am sure it will be not time before people point you to the multiple threads available in the search engine. Here is my contribution.



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    I often have the gear that I need in my truck, but currently do not have a go-bag. I have been considering putting one together though. Do you normally have just one? I was thinking that I might want one for each vechicle plus one for home. Is that too much?

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    I have been putting a list together for a Bag that i take everywhere, a Kit that stays at home for natural disasters, and a small kit that stays in the vehicle. i managed to get a Very large Pelican cube for my kit and the bag is a tan Bug Out Gear bag i got when passing thru Bahgram last time over here.
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    Dont forget to drop some MRE's into those bags, energy bars are fine, but the xtra calories from MRE's (or another similar product) will help....and a water purification system, too....tablets, filters, etc.
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    I copied this from the Maxpedition thread on this forum posted by fellow poster Bark'n. What a Go Bag he has. Thanks Bark'n

    I should point out this is not just a BOB, but it is an overall Emergency Go Bag. It goes with me in the truck daily and comes inside at night. It should handle any type of emergency situation whether I shelter in place at home or am stranded out on the road. It is also capable of long term excursions in a Bug Out situation.

    There is a fair amount of redundancy built into the pack, however, it is geared to take care of 2 people. Be it my wife who would find it difficult to carry her own bag due to a permanent injury or if I am stranded in my vehicle with any traveling companions who may be along with me at the time of emergency. I also have a "major medical" first aid bag, which my wife could handle carrying which I use on the swat team in a true bug out situation. However I don't keep that kit with me daily like this bag.

    While I haven't done a precision weighing of the pack, on my home bathroom scale, it tops out at 30 pounds. Not a typical 70 lbs combat load, but very doable for long distance travel on foot.

    Also, you will note that each compartment on the pack is dedicated to certain types of items for easy access under stressful and adverse conditions.

    Maxpedition Falcon II Backpack (laminated contents list stored in hydration pocket)

    Mounted Externally On Pack
    32 Oz Water Bottles (2): 1-Guyot Designs Stainless Steel (boiling water) & 1-Nalgene BPA free plastic
    Maxpedition 10” X 4” Bottle Holders (2): Front pouches {Esbit Stove, Java Juice Coffee, Tea, Guyot Designs Microbites Utensils} – {Pak-Lite 9v.; Water Stabilizer, Katadyn Micropur tabs}
    GSI Stainless Steel Cup 16 Oz. (stored in Maxpedition 10” X 4” Bottle Holder)
    Wiley-X (model XL-1 light adjusting prescription sunglasses / safety goggles)
    ACR Firefly Plus (strobe/flashlight combo) in front pouch of Maxpedition Bottle Holder
    Ranger Beads, Fox 40 whistle, Compass & small Fire kit carried on small carabiner
    RAT Survival/E&E Kit (Easy access kit for use w/o main pack in Maxpedition Four-by-Six pouch – add (1 pk) Stay Alert Gum, mini-flashlight, 32 oz water bag, Katadyn tabs, 10 ft. 550 cord, 15ft. mil spec 3/32 tether cord, Space Blanket (1), AMK Pocket Medic Mini-FAK)
    Maxpedition Triad Admin Pouch - Sure Fire 6P, Fox OC Spray, Compass, Fresnel Lens
    Spec Ops Brand Map Case (Various City, State, County, Topo maps & UTM Plotter)
    Exped MultiMat Sleeping Pad by Outdoor Research
    Maxpedition Triple Mag Holder; Universal CCW Holster & single cal. cleaning kit (concealed inside hydration pocket)

    Pack Compartment 1 (Misc. Quick Grab Items)
    Mini- Binoculars
    Fenix MC-10 Angle Head Flashlight (125 lumen – 50 lumen – 5 lumen – SOS - Strobe)
    Smith Knife Sharpener (ceramic, carbide, diamond combo)
    Leatherman Surge multi-tool & Pocket Widgy 4” Pry Bar
    Energizer Headlight – 60 lumen
    Knot Tying Cards

    Pack Compartment 2 (First Aid)
    AMK Ultralight .9 FAK with add-ons (Dental Kit, Suture Kit, CAT Tourniquet, Water Jel Burn Dressings (3) & Burn Gel 5 unit dose pkg., Poison Ivy & Insect Sting Kit, (3) 30 ml Irrigating Saline Vials)
    OTC Meds Kit, Electrolytes, Lotrimin anti-fungal, Albuterol MDI, Alka Seltzer, Betadine Sol.
    Chest Decompression Needle & Asherman Chest Seal
    Nasal Airway, 28 fr. & water based lube
    Nail Clippers
    Ear Plugs in case (attach to keyper)

    Pack Compartment 3 (Survival)
    Rite In The Rain notepad w/ Space Pen & Pencil (In nylon case)
    Repel 100 - 100% Deet Insect Repellant
    Sunscreen 30 + SPF
    Lip Balm (Carmex – leak proof tube)
    Stay Alert Caffeine Gum (2 packs)
    Toilet Paper & Colegate Wisp mini brushes w/ paste (8), Floss, Hand Sanitizer in Ziploc bag
    Glass Signal Mirror (stored in pocket behind Rite In The Rain notebook)
    Cyalume or AmeriGlow Chem Lights (2 or 3)
    Best Glide Brand Survival Fishing Kit
    2 sets of Military Speed HooksTM (stored in notebook case w/ notepad for protection)
    Compact Gill Net (12' x 4')
    Game Snares (16)
    Space Blankets (2)
    MIOX Water Purification device
    Fire Kit*
    Compass (spare)

    Pack Compartment 4 - Main Compartment (Camping Gear & Misc. Survival)
    SAS Survival Handbook (in Ziploc bag)
    Compact AM,FM, Short Wave radio, Ext. 9 ft. Anntena, Duct Tape, Scotch Super 88 Elec. Tape (in Ziploc bag)
    Tri-lens Magnifier 5x-10x-15x (for close inspection of wounds, plants, etc. and fire starting)
    Equinox Ultralite Sil Nylon Poncho/Shelter
    Equinox Ultralite 6' X 8' Sil Nylon Tarp
    Paracord, Type III, seven strand (100')
    Tether Cord, Mil-Spec 3/32" (100')
    Work Gloves - Ironclad
    Bahco Laplander Folding Saw
    U-Dig-It Backpacker Trowel
    Meals, instant & quick fix (1 ea., Mountainhouse, Mainstay Ration)
    Nalgene Bottle (16 oz) Rice & Chicken Bullion premix
    Nalgene Bottle (16 oz) Cream of Wheat w/ Brown Sugar premix
    Teriyaki Beef Jerky Chunks to mix w/ Rice
    Cliff Bars or Power Bars, Centrum Vitamins
    (2) 32 oz. Compact Water Bags & Coffee Filters
    Boxers, Socks & Bandana's in Ziploc bag (2 each), Boonie Hat, Mosquito Net
    Spare Batteries: (6) CR-123; (8) AA lithium; (1) 9V lithum for flashlights & SW radio)
    SOG Seal Pup Fixed Blade (Upgrade to RAT Cutlery - RC 3 & RC 5 fixed blade knives)

    Hidden Hydration Bladder Pouch
    Universal CCW holster for pistol
    Triple mag holder for spare magazines
    Single caliber gun cleaning kit
    Laminated check off list of pack contents (so I have something to go by for resupply)
    (I don't keep a hydration bladder in this bag. I have 5 camelbaks for independent use as needed.)

    *Fire Kit has 4 independent ways of starting fire. (Fire Steel, Lifeboat Matches, Peanut Lighter, Spark-Lite, Tender-Quick , Wet Fire Tinder, Fat Wood, BCB Tinder Card & Magnesium Rod, Zippo Fuel)

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    Wow, I am way under prepared. Great food for thought.
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    Mine is really a get me back home bag. Probably good for 72 hours or so. The yellow bottle is a water purifier, some high calorie food, three large 40 gal. heavy duty lawn bags etc. I divided my bag into three areas; comfort, safety and medical. I use a Maxpedition Colossus and it's packed very tight.



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