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Do You carry a flashlight

This is a discussion on Do You carry a flashlight within the Related Gear & Equipment forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by shooter380 Thanks. Very interesting that almost all replies thus far are from distinguished and VIP members. Thanks for all replies. Ha! Don't ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by shooter380 View Post
    Thanks. Very interesting that almost all replies thus far are from distinguished and VIP members.
    Thanks for all replies.
    Ha! Don't be too impressed. "Distinguished" and "VIP" just means we "talk" more than others! There is no guarantee as to the quality of the content!

    To answer your question, I carry a small $2 LED everywhere I go. It is usally in a pocket as I carry plenty of other stuff on my belt. I also have lights in all vehicle and in most rooms of my home.

    I guess I'm just afraid of the dark!
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    Yes! At least 1 always. Usually 2. I always have a small Fenix or Surefire in my pocket. I will generally have a larger Surefire on my belt.
    "Skin that smokewagon!".

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    If I know I'm out till dark always. But I have been trying hard to do better and always have a good light on me as the others have said. I need improvement in this area. Very good question you ask...
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    I've been carrying a Quark Mini123 from for about 6 months now. It is a twistie (works real easy one handed) with 189 lumens (out the front) with just one CR123 battery. Just over 2" long, .80" in diameter. Three brightness modes lasting from 1.2 hours to 150 hours, strobe and beacon modes (up to 60 hours) which I hope to never need. It's so tiny I just drop it in my front pocket with the cell phone and use it more than I ever thought I would. $39 with free shipping and 120 month warranty which I haven't needed. Quark also has several other models (still carry size) with 2 batteries and much brighter, rear button op (tactical if you want it) and clips at still reasonable prices. I guess you can tell I recommend them.

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    I carry everyday .
    I find it very useful.
    One day I am going have to buy me a man purse to put all my man things in.

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    Yep...Keep a Fenix TA21 in my week hand leg pocket of my carpenter jeans.
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    Yes, Fenix PD20 clipped in my left front pocket. It is tiny so I carry it 24/7.
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    go to

    item #16240. 2 CR123 batteries, hand-size, tail switch, good to 60-70 feet, excellent outdoor flashlight. $13.35

    Item #19185. 1 CR123 battery, pocket-size, side button, put frosted scotch tape over the lens to spread the beam. excellent general-purpose and indoor flashlight. $11

    Buy CR123 batteries online in bulk.
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    NOVA...200 square miles surrounded by reality
    I carry a BLACKHAWK! Gladius.
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    I carry a NovaTac 120T on my belt weak side, I keep a Surefire E2D LED Defender in my truck near my strong side knee. I also have a Surefire G2 that was my first flashlight, now upgraded with a a surefire LED module. Can't tell you how often I use my flashlight, very handy to have.

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    I carry a Malkoff MD2 in my strong-side pants pocket. The reason it is strong-side is that due to my location, it's all I have. If luck (rather lack of such) would have it that I'd find myself in doo-doo up to my neck, it would serve the purpose as a blunt weapon in addition to its fairly bright light.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bornlucky View Post
    I carry everyday .
    I find it very useful.
    One day I am going have to buy me a man purse to put all my man things in.
    I must admit that I have needed a light and did not have one. I will have to start carrying. But....

    I don't think I can do the man purse thing

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    I carry an Omnivore at work daily (comes in handy for checking PEARLA)

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    Never carry a flashlight. I have one in all my cars and trucks and one in each room of the house. That's good enough for me. I hate carrying a ton of things on my person for "just in case" scenarios. When I go camping or up in the mountains, that's a different story but not for everyday carry. Just not for me.

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    I carry one (or more) daily. In my Fatboy, I have a Surefire E1b. Using a small carabiner or Niteize S-Biner I clip any number of my small lights to jean beltloop and the light hangs just inside the front pocket. +1 on the 4Sevens Quark 123, its a great light!. They also have one for AA batteries. ITP lights makes a super nice AAA light. Check out various light sites: Battery Junction, 4Sevens,Going Gear for lights and prices. Its always good to be "enlightened!"
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